10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy


Vendors that sell pharmaceutical products over the web are called online pharmacies. All of them are not genuine, so you need to run a check to find out whether the one you’ve chosen is legitimate. 

This article covers some of the best tips to choose a safe online pharmacy. Have a look:

1. Tangible Location

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

A legal online pharmacy store has a physical location wherein the products are supplied and delivered. It is the first and most important factors one needs to consider while choosing a pharmacy. 


Go to the official website of your chosen pharmacy store, and click on the “contact us” page - the easiest way to know the physical/tangible location. If you get to see some address on this section of the website, you can think of it as a legitimate store. 


The address of the store is also available on the homepage of websites. 

2. Staff

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Once you find the address of the store, kindly get the number and make a call on the name. Ask them to connect to the pharmacy staff. Each of the authenticated online pharmacy stores has a legal pharmacist to ensure that the right medicines are supplied to the patients. It is the job of the pharmacist to answer the queries of their customers. 


If you are unable to contact the pharmacy store with the number provided on their site, search for some other website. 

3. Licensing

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Fake or counterfeit pharmacy websites can appear as good as legitimate websites in appearance. The chances are high that you end up choosing an illegitimate store. 


All the official pharmacy stores have a valid license of the state or region in which they function.


If you find a license number of your chosen online pharmacy, call the licensing body to check its authenticity.

4. Membership Seal

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Membership seal is another factor to check the legitimacy of an online pharmacy store. The seal must come from a trusted certification authority like MIPA, VIPPS, or Pharmacy Checker. 


MIPA or The Manitoba International Pharmacists Association is a professional union of authorized pharmacists and others to offer secure and legal health-related assistance across the globe. 


VIPPS is the verified Internet Pharmacy Practise Sites that have been used to certify pharmacy websites since 1999. It is one of the best certification authorities for pharmacy websites. 

Pharmacy Checker helps people to get the best deals on medications. It is the only enterprise where international online pharmacies are verified and compared for prices. 


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5. CQC Regulated

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

It is an excellent indicator of patients looking for a safe and legitimate online pharmacy. People usually search for the online pharmacies on the website of CQC before making the purchase. 

6. Prescription

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

A legitimate online pharmacy will never sell their drugs without a prescription and for more than 90 days. 


You will be required to submit a written prescription from your doctor to shop for products on their website. 

7. Information about drugs

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Specific information about medications like ingredients, composition, side effects, etc. need to be present on online pharmacies. 


The more information you get, the more trust you develop for the company. 


A genuine web-based pharmacy provides comprehensive information about all of its drugs on its website. They maintain transparency and win the trust of their customers. 


A patient cannot personally meet the online pharmacist and get his queries answered. So, considering this point can be advantageous for them.

8. Customer Support Services

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Alleged pharmacy stores provide their email and contact number on their website. You can contact them anytime and get answers to your questions all through the day. 


Most customers prefer live chat option as compared to email for reaching the vendors. Waiting for an email is a tedious task for anyone, especially for patients. 


If you find a pharmacy that does not answer your queries, switch to some other website. 

9. Shipment Policy 

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Different companies have different shipment policies. Check various websites to get the best bid for your pharmaceutical products. 


You may also wish the product delivered in the least number of business days (within 1-4 days). 


If it takes 10-15 days to deliver the products, look for another pharmacy.

10. Security

10 Best Tips To Choose An Online Pharmacy

Not all the eCommerce websites are secure where you can put your personal information and bank account details. 


An authorized online pharmacy keeps confidential information about customers safe by utilizing secure ordering methods. 








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