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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Introducing You To Integrative Cancer Medicines

    integrative medicines for cancer

    When a person has cancer, he makes all the efforts to cure it with every possible cure, treatment, and therapy. Many people rely on integrative medicines to get an effective cure. It is a combination of medical drugs as well as some complementary therapies to get rid of the tumor.

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  2. How 3 treatments could cure Cancer?

    How 3 treatments could cure Cancer?

    There are over 200 types of cancer that have been diagnosed till now. There have been many treatments introduced as well for the cure of cancer but that only depends on what kind of cancer you have and what stage you are at. 

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  3. Let's Talk About Different Types Of Cancer

    types of cancer

    The most dangerous medical condition as of now is Cancer. It usually occurs when the abnormal cells spread to the body and affect the entire system. They also bifurcate in an uncontrolled way. They also damage the tissues and cause severe complications. 

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  4. 5 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Medicines

    erectile dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction is something that needs to be cured before you lose your sexual power and confidence forever. However, due to reason like shame, embarrassment and guilt, a lot of men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction do not like to take medical supervision about it. 

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  5. White Coat Hypertension: Let’s Know About It

    white coat hypertension

    A very strange condition in which the patient’s blood pressure gets elevated when he is in the presence of a medical set up i.e. around the doctor, nurse or any kind of medical atmosphere is called White Coat Hypertension. “White Coat” is referred to doctors because those types of codes are traditionally worn by them. 

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  6. How to handle psychological erectile dysfunction?

    How to handle psychological erectile dysfunction?

    For the longest time, Erectile Dysfunction was considered only as a physical abnormality in men. Now the world has realized while erectile dysfunction may be While erectile dysfunction may be predominantly a physical concern among males

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  7. Are you aware of Malignant Hypertension?

    Are you aware of Malignant Hypertension?

    A spike in the blood pressure that develops gradually and results in something dangerous like organ damage is termed as Malignant Hypertension. This case is also called Hypertensive Emergency because a normal blood pressure is 120/80, but when it reaches to 180/120, the fatalities could emerge. 

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  8. Lifestyle Hacks To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

    lifestyle changes for blood pressure regulation

    High blood pressure is like a “silent killer”. It does not have any specific symptoms with which it could be diagnosed. Usually a person has a high blood pressure when the blood circulating in his body puts extra pressure on the walls of arteries.

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  9. 5 Herbal Remedies For Diabetes Mellitus

    diabetes mellitus treatment naturally

    Diabetes is the most common metabolism disorder which is triggered by multiple causes. People who are diabetic have hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). The digestive system breaks the food items into carbohydrates and starch.

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  10. 5 Exercises To Regulate Diabetes

    5 Exercises To Regulate Diabetes

    Any movements in the body that make your muscles work and keep them fit are termed as exercises. Exercising is highly advisable for all the diabetic patients. 

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