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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. How To Secure Your Toothbrush From Bacteria?

    How To Secure Your Toothbrush From Bacteria?

    We can’t deny the fact that bacteria are everywhere. No matter where we live we are always vulnerable to the attack of bacteria and so is our personal belongings. In our personal belongings, toothbrush plays an important role. Everyone thinks that only by choosing a good toothpaste will help you keep your teeth as well as mouth clean which is not completely true.

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  2. 5 Times You Unknowingly Pushed Your Child Towards A Bad Tooth

    bad tooth

    As we are celebrating this February is National Children's’ Dental Health month, you would be surprised to know that According to figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, The number of children seen by an NHS dentist in the 12 months to 30 September 2017 was 6.8 million. This equates to 58.5 percent of the child population. 

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  3. Know Some Common Asthma Triggers

    asthma triggers

    If you are also the patient of asthma, then you must know that it is an inflammation of airways in the lungs. In this, the airways got narrowed down and blocked resulting in tight muscles around the airways. This can cause wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness etc. Asthma is caused by various triggers. 

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  4. Bone Cancer : Fatal to health

    Bone Cancer : Fatal to health

    We know that all the types of cancer are so malignant that they directly affect the immune system of the body and make them worse. One of those cancers in bone cancer that is fatal to health. Bone Cancer is an uncommon and malignant tumor of the bone that affects and destroys other normal bone tissues. It occurs when a tumor, or an abnormal mass of tissue forms in a bone.

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  5. How are nebulizer beneficial?

    How are nebulizer beneficial?

    People who have asthma are bound to use inhalers whenever they feel shortness of breath. Reaching out for the nebulizer for the patients is just like putting on glasses in the morning for common people if they have a vision problem.

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  6. Exercise Induced Asthma- What You Should Know?

    exercise induced asthma

    Sometimes, people feel exhausted and shortness of breath right after exercising. This is the result due to exercise-induced asthma. It is also called asthma which has been triggered by prolonged and powerful exercise or more physical exertion. It can cause shortness of breath, tiredness in anyone. 

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  7. 8 things to never do while having sex

    8 things to never do while having sex

    Sex is not just making your partner achieve orgasm but it is a form of art that needs practice and innovation to master it. First, you need to follow some rules, and then you have to break them. However, there are some sex-related rules, that you should never break.

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  8. Asthma- Get Aware Of The Chronic Illness


    A chronic disease that involves the airways in the lungs. These airways are responsible for the air to pass inside and out of lungs. Asthma is a chronic lung illness that narrows down the airways. Your airways get inflamed and you’ll hear a whistling sound while breathing. 

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  9. Everything You Need To Know About Premature Ejaculation

    premature ejaculation

    Premature Ejaculation is a stressful concern in men that happens when he has no control over his orgasm and reaches the climax too quickly leaving his partner unsatisfied. In worse situation, the man is done even before the woman is penetrated enough to have intercourse. 

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  10. How Fatal Is Throat Cancer?

    throat cancer

    Cancer is a fatal disease in which abnormal cells multiply and divide in an uncontrolled manner. These abnormal cells form malignant tissues called tumors that threaten lives. There are over 200 types of tumors present. One of them is throat cancer. It refers to the cancer of vocal cords and other parts of the throat. 

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