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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. Food To Avoid If You're Working Out

    food to avoid while working out

    What do you need after having a log run or hardcore cardio? Rest and something nice to feed the body as a ‘prize’. But check yourself before you wreck yourself. You need food post-workout to restore your energy, build muscle and boost your metabolism, but the wrong kind can undo the hard work you just put in.

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  2. 5 Signs You Are Overfeeding Your Baby

    overfeeding baby

    Feeding time can seem so simple, but it can easily become stressful for a new parent, or even a parent who has not had to take care of a newborn in quite some time. Parents may wonder about many things and have unanswered questions racing through their minds. Parents may wonder about how often they should be feeding their baby.

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  3. 6 Food Items That Boost Immunity

    food to boost immunity

    Giving your body food items that boost your health is an important thing. Your immune system plays an important role in defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes, even it fails, in that case, a germ invades successfully and can make you sick.

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  4. 10 Tips to manage twins like a pro

    10 Tips to manage twins like a pro

    Every baby is a blessing from god. But, you should consider yourself handpicked-by-God if you are blessed by two buns in your oven. Now, with more children comes more responsibility and stress and you have to manage them at the same time. You can’t just ignore the boy crying when you are busy with the girl.

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  5. 6 Things You Still Don’t Know About HPV


    One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is Human Papillomavirus(HPV). It is the most sexually transmitted infection that affects men and women. It is a very common type and can lead to cervical cancer or cancer of the anus. It is not just a single virus, but there are 100 of its types.

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  6. Face Allergy- How To Avoid It

    face allergy

    If you have allergic reactions on the face, you might be thinking of all the cures so you can get rid of them. A person can treat and prevent their allergies if they know what is causing them. Allergic reactions that affect the face can lead to raised welts, swollen lips or watering eyes.

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  7. How Progeria makes you race against time?

    How Progeria makes you race against time?

    A rare genetic condition that causes a person to age prematurely is termed as Progeria. It is also called as Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. It causes a child’s body grow fast. Most of the kids do not live past the age of 13 because of the presence of atherosclerosis. They do appear healthy but by the age of 2, they look like an old person.

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  8. 6 Ways To Cope Up With Stress At Work

    handling stress at work

    Workplace stress is not a new concept as office has always been related to stress, boredom and sometimes even depression. While workplace stress is normal to some extent, excessive stress can reduce your  productivity and adversely affect your mental/physical health, relationships, and career growth.

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  9. How to help your partner to get out of depression?

    How to help your partner to get out of depression?

    Depression is such an isolating illness that impact. It is hard to see your loved one struggling with happiness and you are not able to do anything to help them. While it is ok to be sad sometimes, depression is a very different and tough situation to handle- for both the patient and for people close to them.

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  10. 7 Best ways to burn fat faster

    7 Best ways to burn fat faster

    If you are looking to lose some weight, or improve your overall health, burning your fat off could be a bit challenging. You try all the tricks, give up all your favorite food, drinks just to lose few kilograms, but are unable to do that. We bring 9 best ways through which you can burn your body fat faster:

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