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Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. Dental Sedation In Small Children

    Dental Sedation In Small Children

    For a dental procedure to be successful, patient cooperation becomes primordial. And when it comes to kids, even the simplest dental care procedures become very challenging. It is common for kids to have dental anxiety or the fear of the dentist and it is the responsibility of the pediatrician to take care of it.

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  2. Dealing with a Nasty Heel Ache!

    Dealing with a Nasty Heel Ache!

    A heel ache is a condition, which causes calcium stores that lead to a hard interruption under the rear area bone. It is frequently related to the irritation of the connective tissues between the foot and the rear bone and along these lines, abandoning you in agony. It might likewise prompt swelling, aggravation and debilitating of the heel bone. 

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  3. Knowing Juvenile Arthritis

    Knowing Juvenile Arthritis

    Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. Many of us are aware of this disease, but most of us are not aware that arthritis can affect children as well. Children can get arthritis just like adults and when children get arthritis, it is known as juvenile arthritis.

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  4. Say goodbye to dry skin in winter with these DIY face masks

    Say goodbye to dry skin in winter with these DIY face masks

    Winter is a trying time for many people as their skin requires different care than in other months. The skin tends to look dryer, duller and itchier than usual in winter months. Body lotions and face creams are a good way to combat these problems in winter. But these skin care routines are not enough as the skin needs to be taken care of regularly in many ways.

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  5. Alleviating Jaw Pain Effectively

    Alleviating Jaw Pain Effectively

    TMJ (temporomandibular joint and muscle issue) is a condition that causes torment in the jaw joint. It's more typical in ladies than men. Manifestations incorporate torment, solidness, popping or clicking sounds, and constrained development in the jaw region. Home cures can be viable in the administration of TMJ issue. The following are a couple of worth attempting.

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  6. CBD oil and how it is beneficial for the health

    CBD oil and how it is beneficial for the health

    CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD or cannabidiol, is non-intoxicating and does not cause the noticeable euphoric effects associated with other marijuana compounds. This non euphoric quality is what makes CBD an appealing option for those who are looking for relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceutical drugs.

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  7. Combating Mosquito Bites Effectively!

    Combating Mosquito Bites Effectively!

    Mosquito nibbles are the sign of hotter climate. Most mosquito nibbles are innocuous, yet some can cause intricacies. The chomp, which probably won't show up until some other time is regularly swollen, sore, or bothersome. Mosquitoes can convey maladies, despite the fact that the probability of being contaminated by a mosquito depends generally on where you live. 

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  8. Are you suffering from any personality disorder?

    Are you suffering from any personality disorder?

    Each and every person has a different personality. We all have different ways of thinking, behaving or feeling. Personality is something that makes each one of us that we are as it refers to the pattern in which an individual thinks, behave and feels. But when this pattern of behaving, feeling, and thinking becomes extreme and maladaptive, it becomes a disorder, personality disorder.

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  9. Tips to keep your body healthy in winter

    Tips to keep your body healthy in winter

    With shorter days and colder weather, finding the motivation to stay healthy and fit can be difficult and exercise is sacrificed for warm nights spent indoors on the couch. And this can lay the foundation for a weakened immune system, posing a greater risk of developing an illness.

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  10. Combating Grey Hair Effectively!

    Combating Grey Hair Effectively!

    In spite of the fact that your hereditary qualities will decide the real beginning of turning gray, when you're 35 years of age, your maturing hair follicles are probably going to deliver a white or silver hair to supplant the last hair that passed on. 

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