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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. Effectively Dealing with Addiction

    Effectively Dealing with Addiction

    An addiction is something that affects your physiologically or psychologically. Basically, it is about relying on certain things that may form certain habituation. Usually, when we say addiction, a negative vibe just penetrates the whole space around us. Usually, we associate the word "Addiction" with drug abusers, alcoholics etc. Though addiction can be positive as well. But usually, we don't refer to some positive continuous behaviour as an addiction. We refer to it as a habit. 

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  2. Chagas Disease - Biggest Health Threats For Americans?

    Chagas Disease - Biggest Health Threats For Americans?

    According to the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Chagas disease is one of the biggest health threats for Americans. It is estimated that millions of Americans are at risk of suffering from Chagas disease and is responsible for thousands of lives each year.

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  3. 4 Drinks That Keeps You Healthy

    4 Drinks That Keeps You Healthy

    Fluids play an important part in maintaining the overall wellbeing of an individual. Fluid comes from the beverages we drink or the food we eat. Fluids play many important functions in the body such as

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  4. Delicious and Nutricious, The Banana is an allrounder fruit

    Delicious and Nutricious, The Banana is an allrounder fruit

    Who doesn’t love to gobble up a banana during a break? The luscious and sweet fruit is loved by millions all around the globe. From an add on to your breakfast cereal bowl to your dinner’s dessert, the banana is magically versatile. It is found in every corner of the world and is widely consumed due to its hundreds of benefits.  A few of them have been discussed below:

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  5. Suntan – Cause and Cure

    Suntan – Cause and Cure

    Sun tanning is an exceptionally normal condition where your skin shading is obscured due to over presentation to the sun. This tan is brought about by the hurtful UV (bright) beams of the sun that halfway consumes the delicate substance in your skin. In some cases fake tanning is additionally gotten, for example, tanning splashes and sun washing.

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  6. AGEs: A New Alarm!

    AGEs: A New Alarm!

    Are you one of those people who prefer meat to legumes? Or do you fry your egg rather than steaming or poaching it? And do you love your salads with added cheese rather than yoghurt? If you are even one of these, beware! Such preferences constantly increase the AGEs content in your body.

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  7. It isn’t A Myth – Smoking Truly Kills

    It isn’t A Myth – Smoking Truly Kills

    Cigarette smoking harms nearly each organ of the body, causes several diseases, and reduces the health of smokers in general. Quitting smoking lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and may add years to your life. Cigarette smoking is that leading preventable reason behind death in many countries.

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  8. Is Lyrica A Safe Medicine?

    Is Lyrica A Safe Medicine?

    Lyrica is a drug which is primarily used to treat neuropathic pain, a pain which occurs when any damage or an abnormality occurs to the nerves. Lyrica belongs to a group of medicines known as anticonvulsants and the active medical ingredient that is present in Lyrica is pregabalin. Lyrica is used in the treatment of various health problems such as

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  9. How do Pets affect our lifestyle?

    How do Pets affect our lifestyle?

    Doesn’t it feel incredible to be greeted at your doorstep with your cute fur balls of happiness or the twittering delights sitting in the cage? Even the colorful amusements in the aquarium are a pleasure to the eye!

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  10. 7 Astonishing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

    7 Astonishing Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is one of the most amazing products used by a large number of people for many different issues and problems. Apple cider vinegar is made up of organic raw apples and contains the mother of the vinegar, which has raw enzymes and gut friendly bacteria, that promote healing.  

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