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Monthly Archives: June 2020

  1. COVID-19 And Black Live Matter Movement: How Is America Dealing With Dual Crises?

    Black lives movement and covid 19- protest in pandemic

    Amidst the COVID 19 updates, a video of George Floyd's death at the hands of a cop in Minneapolis, United States of America went viral on 25th May 2020 and triggered protests across the globe. These protests across the United States of America brought renewed attention to the killing of black Americans during the past decade and the ongoing concern about racism in America. In some cities of the United States of America, the police response to the incident has further fueled protesters, prompting calls to defund the police. In Washington D.C., President Trump’s use of the military and federal police to seize control of parts of the city — including dispersing peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square near the White House — has drawn heavy criticism from the people and top military figures.

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    multiple sex partners

    MSP or multiple sex partners is the incidence and measure of involving in sexual activities with two or more that two people within a specific time period. Sexual activity with multiple sex partners can happen serially or simultaneously. Multiple sex partners include sexual activity between people of a different gender or even of the same gender. Multiple sex partner can even mean that one person may have a long-term relationship or maybe relationships, and when the second relationship starts, the person can be said to have multiple sex partners. Another term, known as polyamorous, is the behaviour and not the measure describing multiple romantically sexually or romantically committed relationships at the same point of time. 

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  3. Digital Dating Abuse- Teenagers Are At Higher Risk

    digital dating abuse

    Digital dating abuse often goes beyond what was discussed in the study. It could involve unwelcome texting or making unwanted and harassing sexual remarks via texting or social media. It could also involve more severe abuses, such as cyber stalking or catfishing. Sadly, digital dating abuse is becoming increasingly common among teens and young adults. The more youngsters move their lives to social media, the more exposed they are to these complexities.

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    advanced dermatology

    The main purpose of cosmetic surgeries is to improve and enhance an individuals’ appearance. The procedures have a sole purpose of enhancing the aesthetic appearance of an individual. This article would explain the benefits and risks of cosmetic surgeries so that you can decide whether taking up the surgery would be good for you or not. Facial contouring and facial rejuvenation are cosmetic surgery for face, body contouring or body sculpting helps with skin removal after a major weight loss, breast enhancement or augmentation mammoplasty aims to enhance the shape and size of the breast and skin rejuvenation aims at resurfacing the top layer of the skin to remove the damaged cells.   

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  5. How To Choose The Right Face Mask For Protection Against Coronavirus?

    right fabric for your face mask

    One study analyzed the impact of masks on coronaviruses and found that masks are useful at lessening how much virus a sick person spreads. Experts say that masks might help keep people with COVID 19 from unknowingly passing along the virus. COVID 19 America’s death toll is higher than anywhere else in the world—and is continuing to rise. Most Americans expect a COVID 19 vaccine within a year but until then we need to protect ourselves and take the necessary precautions and wearing a mask in one of them.

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    Take these precautions while visiting hospital in covid 19

    Hospitals are considered to be the hotbed for infection and they are still busy treating coronavirus infection cases. In the past few months, several scheduled and non-critical operations and surgeries were delayed or put on hold fearing the spread of the virus and this hold has put a lot of lives in jeopardy. A lot of people, especially those dealing with chronic disorders and the ones who need timely treatment found themselves scouting for help, despite the fact that telemedicine was introduced by the authorities. 

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  7. Sexual Intimacy: Impotence Shouldn't Come In The Way Of Love

    sexual intimacy and impotence

    Over the past fifty years in the United States, major social changes have significantly reshaped how sexual intimacy with partner develops. As sexual ties have progressively become decoupled from marriage, the nature and development of relationships have taken on new structures and meaning-with huge ramifications for various subgroups in the population, and for the quality of life in general. No doubt, as people age, their sexual intimacy with partner change along with their bodies. Take, for instance, a woman in her fifties whose partner is impotent.

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  8. New Cases Of COVID 19 In China And America

    new covid 19 cases in america and china

    Many countries were looking to China for how the new normal would work, however, this most recent flare-up is interfering with progress once again. This time around the government in China is progressively prepared to take care of the recent outbreak with certain manufacturing and business outlets continuing to work. The COVID 19 situation is still at its peak in both the countries, in fact, coronavirus will be with us for at least another year or maybe more. Without the benefit of history as a guide, only time can tell when we will be able to return to normal. Therefore, this time really is different and we have tough times ahead of us!

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  9. Worried Of Dark Circles? Try This

    how to get rid of dark circles

    Dark circles are a common and multifactorial challenge in the world of aesthetic medicine. These are bags or dark circles under eyes that make you look older. Is dark circle related to a severe health issue? Many people consider it under health issue as it occurs because of tiredness, older age or unhealthy habits. It is very important to know the cause of any health problem if you want to get rid of it. So let’s move on to the next section of the blog, causes.

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  10. How To Cure A Stomach Ache?

    how to cure sour stomach

    Do you know that feeling? Slight squeamishness or dull gnawing? You may have a nagging burn in the stomach. However it feels at that moment, it does not feel good at all. And you can't figure out whether eating would make the stomach ache better or worse. There is nothing worse than the gas, bloating, nausea, and general uneasiness when a stomach ache strikes. From diarrhea to queasiness, it tends to be weakening—and all you need is some relief as quickly as humanly possible. 

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