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Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. How To Find The Right Vet?

    how to find the right vet for your pet

    When it comes to choosing a veterinary care for your pet, it’s very critical that you choose a veterinarian you can fully trust, and who you feel you would have a bonding and a connection with. They would be responsible for taking care of your best friend’s medical and other needs to ensure they live a longer, healthy and happy life, especially when it comes to emergency care. It makes sense that you spend a lot of time researching the vets in your area or somewhere not too far to find that one vet who would be the best for your pet dog or cat.

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  2. Alleviate Your Stress And Keep Coronavirus At Bay

    Stress And Coronavirus

    What is the immune system? It is the defensive mechanism of your body that prevents germs, bacteria, and germs from invading your body. If your immune system is functioning well, you are healthy. A healthy immune system fights harmful invaders promptly and efficiently and keeps your health from damaging. Are you aware of the fact that workplaces are the right spots for the transmission of viruses? Cold viruses can dwell on computer keyboards, coffee mugs, pens are other objects for prolonged hours. 


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  3. Don’t Let These Pregnancy Symptoms Embarrass You. Know The Hacks!

    embarassing pregnancy symptoms

    We all know that pregnancy alters your body and mind - morning sickness, strange food cravings, swollen ankles, extreme mood swings, and whatnot! But specific weird symptoms of pregnancy can leave you stressful and embarrassed. What are they? Read on the blog and find out. You will also come across some of the hacks that you can consider and minimize your incidents of embarrassment.

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  4. Are You Passionate Or Addicted? Spot The Difference!

    Addiction in current generation

    When we talk about "addiction", alcohol and drugs strike in the minds of most of the people. Undoubtedly, they create addiction, but are they the only substances that can be addictive? Can certain behaviours be categorized as "addictive behaviours"? Read the complete article and get answers to all the questions running on your mind regarding addiction and addictive behaviours.

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  5. This is How You Can Help Your Partner Overcome ED

    erectile dysfunction, what should a partner do

    Does your partner have erectile dysfunction? Are you looking for the best ways to support him? Then congrats, you have come to the right place. This article can be a great source of help for partners looking for tips to support their partners with erectile dysfunction (ED). First of all, ED (also called impotence) is not uncommon these days. In fact, most men experience it after the age of 25 years, although occasionally. Secondly, dealing with ED is not easy for anyone. Having a loving and supportive partner like you, who is seeking ways to help your partner is extremely rare and beautiful.

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  6. Anorgasmia: The Female Orgasmic Disorder

    female orgasmic disorder

    Anorgasmia is the term for usual difficulty attaining orgasm after adequate sexual stimulation, causing you personal torment. It is a common condition, affecting a wide range of women. Orgasms generally differ in intensity, and women differ in the frequency of their orgasms and the amount of stimulation required to cause an orgasm. In fact, a vast majority of women don't usually have orgasms with vaginal penetration alone. They need a certain level of direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. Moreover, orgasms often modify with age, health issues, or medicines you're taking.

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    pregnancy after 35

    If you're a woman and older 35 years and planning to have a baby, you're in the right place. There are many women who are delaying their pregnancy well into their 30s and beyond, and they do deliver healthy babies. Taking special care of yourself could help give your baby the best start. The risk of pregnancy loss is higher for older women. The risk of pregnancy loss, by miscarriage or by stillbirth, increases as you grow older, perhaps due to some pre-existing medical conditions or certain foetal chromosomal abnormalities.

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  8. Toxic Shock Syndrome: Tampon Users, Take Note!

    toxic shock syndrome tampon use

    Toxic shock syndrome(TSS) is uncommon, yet life-threatening condition. It happens when the bacteria, namely Staphylococcus Aureus, or Staph, gets into your body and multiplies, releasing many harmful toxins. It mainly affects menstruating women, especially those utilizing super-absorbent tampons. The body reacts with a significant drop in blood pressure makes organs deficit of oxygen and may cause death.

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  9. How Can You Practice Self-care During Self-quarantine?

    self care during covid 19 quarantine

    As you get further along into this quarantine, you may be feeling bored, anxious, restless etc. – and uncertain about how to deal with such emotions. While you're battling with yourself, we're here to recall you to incorporate yourself in benevolence. We are all struggling with the incertitude surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and learning our new way of life. The situation is quite uncertain. It would be better for us to adapt to a new way of living as early as possible.

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  10. 8 Foods That Can Strengthen Your Bones

    foods to make bones healthy

    Vitamin D and calcium are the two most important key elements when it comes to building and maintaining healthy bones and stronger bone density. Calcium helps to support and build up the structure of your bones and teeth, and on the other hand, vitamin D improves the ability of the body to absorb calcium and support growth and bone density. he bones in the human body are continuously changing, the old bones break down and new bones are made. While you're young, the body makes new bones faster than it breaks down the old bones, and the mass of the bones increase.

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