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Pregnancy is always considered as one of the most important phases of a woman’s life. It is a beautiful time when she gets all the pampering from her partner as well as her family members. Earlier, she used to be confined to her house and was not advised to leave until the delivery, now it is nothing like that. Today, time has changed. It has become something of a trend for mums-to-be to head off on vacations before having their first baby. It’s their time to relax and enjoy some of the most amazing moments of her life away from all the chaos. In recent years, “babymoon” has become somewhat popular among couples. It is a newly coined term for the time that both parents take to enjoy, relax and spend some quality time together. It offers them a chance to revive their relationship once again. So, before you become a party of three, you have your last adventurous chance to experience your “Babymoon”.

It is usually advised by gynecologists to take your babymoon between 18 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, as traveling in that period of time would be much more comfortable. It is also necessary to make sure with your doctor that you are completely fit to travel and it does not pose any threat to your baby bump. If you get approval, start your romantic trip. Have your last hurrah with your partner at some of the fun locations all over the world.

We have come up with some amazing destinations that not only will give you all the happiness, but also keep you mentally calm and peaceful.

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1. Are you a beach lover? If you are someone who loves to soak up the warmth of the sun and relax, this is the perfect way you can get worn out of your pregnancy. A beach getaway is doable in all the cases, whether you want to stay close to your home or the other way round. If you are also a fan of sand and surf, a beach is the best option for you. One of the best beach destinations all over the world is California.

  • California: Beaches are the main attractions up and down the coast of California. Go to Los Angeles or San Diego, for quieter places. With its expansive shoreline, pleasant climate, it is the perfect place for a Babymoon getaway.

2.   If you are a shopaholic: If you are also a fan of shopping and you are dying to stock your wardrobe with maternity clothes, baby clothes as well as accessories, why not pick your destination that has amazing shop options? That would be a great option where you could pick all your pretty clothes. You just enjoy the sheer happiness of being around lovely clothing. Some of the cities are:

  • New York City: It is one of the best places to shop. You can shop all the way over Manhattan neighborhoods. Not just shopping, you can go to all the Broadway shows and have all the fun during your pregnancy period.
  • San Francisco: From the monthly flea market to amazing brands, this is the place to grab all the maternity as well as baby stuff. You can have amazing experiences here.

3. Are you a spa lover? Everyone loves spa but when it comes to pregnant women, they feel more relaxed when they get the treatment. So, when you go to your babymoon, it is high time to rejuvenate at a spa. Let’s find out some best places for that:

  • Vermont: If you are craving some amazing beauty of nature, its peace, then you’ll also love resorts and spa. This is the city that provides some great spa treatment along with some gorgeous mountain views. Vermont in The United States has some world-class spa that has plenty of maternal offerings that include massage, a maternity shiatsu massage, etc. It will give you inner peace and relief.

4. Are you a world traveler? If you like traveling and it is ok to go to distant places in your pregnancy period, go international. If you’ve had some complications, first you must check with your doctor, if he/she gives you permission, you are good to go on your exotic trip. You may include some of them in your checklist:

  • Venice: A perfect place for a babymoon getaway could be none other than the most romantic and beautiful place which is Venice. Not just for romantic locations, you can also satisfy your pregnancy cravings with some amazing Italian food and also some fun rides. It is the ultimate destination for the couples to go to.
  • Montreal: If you can go to Montreal, which is like the second most amazing french speaking city in the world, you don’t need to go anywhere else then. You don’t want Paris, you don’t want anything if once you go to Montreal. With fine restaurants, clubs, exotic places, it is the attraction for couples. They can enjoy their moments with the utmost passion and excitement here.

That’s all couples!!! Hope you find these places amazing. Share with us your experiences. Have a great pregnancy.



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