We are living in an era of smartphones and application designed to use on smartphones. Anyone who owns a tablet, iPhone or Android phone is surrounded by such applications in their daily lives. There are specific applications to help you with almost everything- from ordering food online to getting an appointment for the spa. There are certain apps to monitor how much steps you walk, or how much calories you take in a day. And today, you will be getting introduced to 5 smartphone apps, which can help you to make your sex life healthy and better.

4 Smartphone Apps to help you focus on sex-health


The number of people suffering from sexual diseases is increasing every day. You can blame this on unhealthy eating habits, stress, lack of physical activities, bad hygiene, emotional breakdown, etc. Health issues like heart diseases and obesity also compliment the problems as Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation in men and PCOD and infertility in women. Many times people, especially men hesitate to consult a specialist about it as they are not comfortable talking about their sex problems. On the other hand, web applications give the liberty to get assistance at your home, that too without facing any kind of embarrassment. They are trending so much as they are convenient to use and provides you information right when you need it. Secondly, they give you a sense of privacy, even from your partner as you can always put an app lock on them.  

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We have compiled a list of 5 applications to give you an idea about the scope and usability of such apps. Please note that all of them are listed here just for the informational purpose, and they are not any paid collaborations.

1. Health App

This is a classic app for Apple to let their users keep a check on their overall health situation. It gathers data from your iPhone, Apple watch and some third-party apps so that you can have an easy access to them altogether. As we are talking sexually, this app can be a boon for couples who use rhythm method for birth control or are trying to conceive. It lets women track her menstrual cycle and ovulation. You can go back to months of history, which allows you to maintain a record of all your sexual encounters.

2. SexPositive

There are many questions that run in our mind like what is the best sex position to conceive, or how to initiate sex process, and so on. Many times we have the fear to get judged or to get misleading information. SexPositive is an amazing, fun and completely addictive sex education app written and produced by sex-positive experts at the University of Oregon. It provides accurate and judgment-free information regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sex positions and communication tips.  It is best for people who are curious about sex education and do not have an expert to talk to. It has a very user-friendly interface and is free for both Apple and Android.  

3. Sex Positions 3D

Sex usually gets monotonous and boring if you keep doing it in the same positions. But not everyone is not creative enough to discover a new position every week. This app helps you to get hold of more than 100 positions to raise the heat in bed. There are seven categories to choose from and you can also get a surprise from the app. They are tastefully illustrated and there are 3-dimensional pictures to understand the positions. As of now, this app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; but you can get a number of similar applications for Android as well.

4. Moovz

This cannot be directly related to sexual health in physical terms; but when we talk about mental health, this app can be of great help to LGBT community. This is one of the very few social networks meant for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer people and provides them a healthy and open platform to connect with each other. It is a virtual world specifically meant for LGBT people- with real people who understand each other's likings and preferences without judging anyone. You can share a poll, blog post, quiz, images, etc by influencers and common people on this platform. This app is free to use by Apple and Android in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Hope it helps you to achieve better sexual health- mentally and physically. Though these apps are quite helpful for general guidance, they can not replace the medical guidance. Consult an expert if things are not getting better and you seem to be losing control of your sexual health.