When it comes to applying eyeliner or styling hair, most people suck at it. Sometimes, they get influenced by people and use the beauty products that they do not even know about. It could lead to some serious harms. We hear about all the beauty tricks from people, we find them on the internet as well. The advice you get sometimes might be wrong. So, it is important to rely more on facts rather than fiction.

 5 beauty Myths that you always fall for

We are here to bust 5 most popular myths that most people definitely fall for:

  • Drinking water will make you get rid of dry skin: Although, drinking water is good for the skin, you should not rely on it completely. It’s generally assumed that only with drinking a lot of water, you can avoid all kinds of skin related problems. There’s not even a medical support for the notion that 8 glasses of water is what considered to be healthy. Whatever quantity you decide to think, it won’t replace the skincare recommendation that dermatologists suggest.
  • Castor oil helps in the enhancement of eyelashes and eyebrows: This is a sheer myth. Application of any type of oil does not affect the rate of hair growth.

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  • Natural remedies are good for skin: There is no factual basis as of now that they are better for the skin. There are many antioxidants that are derived naturally but as they are processed, they lose most of their qualities.
  • Makeup causes acne: There is no proof that makeup is the reason for acne. However, if you are not removing it, and wearing it consistently, your skin could face the consequences. It is better to wash your face off before going to sleep for benefits.
  • “Age spots” are a sign of getting older: Uneven skin tone and spots come from years of exposure to the harmful environment. They lead to skin imperfections. These spots are unwanted and come at any age. It’s not just a matter of age.

So, it’s more important to not fall for these myths. If you actually want to do something that can make your skin better, you can try these tips:

  • Never go to bed with your makeup on.
  • Use a good face cream and sunscreen together for better results.
  • Always sleep on a clean pillowcase
  • Don’t pick at your skin
  • Don’t binge or junk food
  • Exfoliate your skin gently

That’s all for this article. Share it with your friends and family to spread awareness. Stay fit Stay healthy.


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