5 Exercises To Regulate Diabetes

Any movements in the body that make your muscles work and keep them fit are termed as exercises. Exercising is highly advisable for all diabetic patients. Diabetes is a grave issue among people nowadays. When the level of insulin increases, the level of blood sugar also increases in the body. Many times, there arises a situation when the body can't make insulin well, due to which sugar level does not get regulated. This situation mostly results in diabetes.

There are various ways in which diabetes can be controlled. One of the most effective of them is Exercising.

Exercising plays a vital role in controlling your diabetes to a great extent. Physical activities are always the most important treatment plan. More physical activities, more improvement in insulin level in the body.

5 exercises for regulating your diabetes

With ample exercising, the level of glucose remains in check and the insulin is regulated. It also tries to get rid of symptoms and long time health-related issues.

Following exercises when performed regularly are extremely beneficial for diabetic patients :

  • Running: Running is a great way to boost your level of health. It is the best exercise for diabetic patients. It efficiently minimizes the glucose level in the body. Diabetic patients who ran for 10-15 minutes regularly have shown drastic changes in their sugar level. According to the National Institute of Health, running for 10-15 minutes has given effective results in reducing the blood sugar level. Running or jogging is recommended by all the doctors for diabetes patients.
  • Swimming: Swimming shows great results on diabetics. The most important advantage of swimming is that it strengthens all the major muscles in the body that could be helpful in controlling diabetes. Regular swimming is helpful in burning down extra fat, keeping the sugar level in control and help you become fit.
  • Cycling: Cycling is a great way in keeping your glucose level in check. The more you cycle, faster will be the drop in blood sugar level. Regular cycling for 20-25 minutes and keeping a check on your glucose level and helps you live a healthy life.
  • Tai Chi: This is the most effective and common form of exercise that originated in China. It includes the light movement of body performed in a relaxed order. It is greatly effective in combating diabetes. Studies have found that people who perform Tai Chi on a regular basis, have shown greater results in reducing the glucose level from the body.
  • Yoga: Yoga is the state of mind, that relax your body and soul. It brings the inner peace. It is an ancient form that builds flexibility and balance by incorporating fluid movements. Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for reducing the glucose level in body and managing the insulin level.

Safety Measures to be taken before Exercising

  • It is advisable to wear proper shoes for exercise. Uncomfortable shoes makes it hard to do workout.
  • Drink plenty of water while exercising
  • Do take about the temperature before exercising. Do not exercise in very hot or very cold temperature.
  • Do keep some snack with you and keep having it in a regular intervals of time.
  • A proper posture while exercising is advisable. An improper pose may lead to cramps or other complications.
  • Regular breathing while exercising is needed for fluent blood flow.
  • You should stay away from any kind of injuries.
  • Do not overwork.
  • Try listening to music while exercising. Music energizes the body.

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