5 Herbs For Hassle-Free Pregnancy

If you are a pregnant woman, you might be told to take all the safety measures. Women often experience nausea, cold and insomnia as the effects. In such a case, it is necessary to take some natural remedies for relief. For a pregnant woman, the time is magical. Their skin starts to glow, hair start shining, and their energy level doubles. Along with these positive attributes, there come some negative effects as well, like constipation, sore muscles, nausea as well as fatigue. To alleviate discomfort, people have turned to herbs. There are some effective herbs available that help in improving the side effects in pregnant women.

 5 Herbs For Hassle-Free Pregnancy

Here, we bring 5 herbs that can give you hassle-free pregnancy-

  • Ginger: A spicy and aromatic herb that helps in reducing nausea and vomiting. It also helps in reducing morning sickness. It has been shown to be safe and effective in pregnancy. You can eat ginger in various ways. You can make tea. There are also ginger candies and crystallized ginger available in the market. You can keep a stash of candies with you always. Apart from that, you can make ginger ale. Instead of drinking soda, try it. Its carbonation help woman with nausea symptoms. Don’t take the overdose of ginger. It can increase the risk of miscarriage. 
  • Nettle: For the build-up of blood, this herb is very effective. Also called Urtica dioica, after its intake, the volume of blood changes dramatically and there is a smooth development of the baby. It is filled with chlorophyll and iron that is helpful in keeping the body on track. It is also enriched with Vitamin A, C, K for health benefits.   

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  • Red Raspberry Leaf: A mineral-rich tonic that provides support to the healthy pregnancy and also tones the uterus to help a woman prepare for birth. It is actually amphoteric with an affinity for the womb’s muscles. It improves muscle tone by strengthening the contractions that need to be more effective as it relaxes over-taxed muscles that are in spasm inappropriately. They can help avoid dangerous pregnancy.
  • Echinacea: Pregnant women are more prone to cold mainly because of the hormonal changes. It could make your nose stuffy, and with a belly, sometimes you may have breathing difficulties. Echinacea is a northern herb that is used as a medicine. It is an antibiotic and has wound healing properties. It is also helpful in minimizing the length of the cold and prevent them from recurring. It is also used in the form of tincture which contains a small amount of alcohol. It is really helpful.
  • Cranberry: It is a great herbal remedy for high cholesterol. Since urinary tract infections(UTI) are very common in this period, it has been found that cranberry helps pregnant ladies prevent this infection. It also has a high dose of Vitamin C that keeps the pregnant woman hydrated. It minimizes potential infections like UTIs. You can make the juice out of cranberry and drink it for better results.

These five herbs can help in making your pregnancy hassle-free. You can try them but first, it is important to consult your doctor and make sure that there are no complications so far in your pregnancy. Most of the herbs are traditionally used to support pregnancy and only safe when taken in moderation. One of the safest approaches is to avoid the usage of herbs during the first trimester of the gestation period unless necessary. You can also consult your herbalist, midwife or doctor to let him know what are the herbs that you wish to take or already consuming. There are also many herbs that are not safe like angelica, barberry, birthroot, aloe vera, etc. So, in this most important phase of your life, don’t be careless and enjoy it with proper nourishment and care.


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