5 ways to boost your fertility positively

When you are getting ready to take a step towards parenthood, there is actually no way to predict exactly how soon you’ll get a positive result. When you know your menstrual cycle, your chances of getting pregnant also get better. If you are in good health and having sex regularly without any birth control pills, you may conceive in your first year. Fertility is one of the most important aspects of life that many of us take for granted. If you think that just by having the sex you can get pregnant easily, you must know that even minor stressors can throw your body out of whack. So, if you’re trying to conceive, some simple health moves can help protect your fertility:

 5 ways to boost your fertility positively

1. Eat Well: Staying well-nourished increases your chances of conceiving. Make sure to include enough protein in your diet. Also take adequate amount of iron, zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D in your diet. Deficiency of these nutrients has usually been associated with various health-related problems like lengthened menstrual cycles, higher risk of early miscarriages etc. You can also take a multivitamin supplement daily. Eat protein rich food as well as fish, meat. Low-fat dairy products etc.

2. Have the right amount of sex: Once you have got a handle on your fertility problem, set a great schedule for sex. Try to have sex prior to the ovulation period until a few days after. As for you engage in sex, that’s up to you. Position does not affect the odds of conceiving. If you think that keeping your legs in the air afterward would raise your chances of being pregnant, that is also not true.

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3. Watch your weight: Aside from the risks it poses to your health, excess body fat can also result into the overproduction of some hormones that might disrupt hormones. Your cycles may be less regular, you may ovulate less often, and you can also lower your chances of getting pregnant. On the other side, too little fat may also not produce enough hormones to sustain a pregnancy if you conceive or ovulate every month.

4. Be smart with the lubricants: Some sexual lubricants actually make it harder for sperm to reach their goals of fertilizing an egg. There are even some natural lubes like saliva or olive oil that must be avoided. Instead, you can opt for better choices, like canola, vegetable oil, baby or mineral oils. There are also some over-the-counter lubes that are designed to be sperm friendly. It is available on the online pharmacy

5. Quit Smoking: There is just another reason to quit smoking. Cigarette toxins not only damage a woman’s eggs but also interfere with the fertilization as well as implantation process. It can cause ovaries to age. Smoking does a permanent harm to the fertility rate of man or woman. So, when you cut back on cigarettes, you start getting the functionality of your ovaries better.

These ways have effectively helped both men as well as women in improving the rate of their fertility. Share this with your friends and family to create awareness. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.


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