7 Principles To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


It is estimated that over 75 million people in the United States suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure and if they have been diagnosed with it they take two to three different medications every day. 

You know that each medication comes with its own long list of side effects and if you double or triple the amount of medication you do not just double or triple them as well you end up multiplying them. 

7 Principles To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

So let us talk about this so that you or anyone that you know should not suffer from a stroke or a heart attack that uncontrolled blood pressure will bring them. 

Here are the 7 principles of lowering your blood pressure naturally

1. Chronically High Insulin Levels

It has been known and published in multiple magazines and research articles that a very high level of insulin will make the level of your blood pressure higher. 

We do not know for sure if this is causation or a correlation but it sure looks causal when one looks at all the research that a high level of insulin results in a spike in your blood pressure for a couple of causes. 

Firstly when you have a chronically high insulin level you tend to hold more fluid and more water in your body and that is going to increase your intravascular volume which will increase your blood pressure. 

Secondly, a chronically high insulin level and a chronically high blood sugar level will lead to elevated insulin which will, in turn, cause inflammation. This causes damage within the minuscule arterioles and capillaries which is going to lead to a heart attack or a stroke ultimately. 

You have to try to lower your insulin levels to as low and normal as you can get which is going to protect you from hundreds of complications as you go by your life and it is also going to lower your blood pressure.

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2. Elevated Inflammation

You do not want chronic inflammation in your body. This is going to lead to all the damage that leads to all the secondary outcomes. It is also going to keep your blood pressure higher. 

Ketogenic way of eating is the most non-inflammatory diet that exists. It has almost fantastic anti-inflammatory advantages when you remove the slow poisons of all the sweeteners, all the carbs and all the processed oils from the human diet then you start to heal and get better. 

And it lowers their insulin levels which get rid of all the extra fluids that lower the blood pressure that also gets rid of the chronic inflammation. This can be an inflammation in the gut, in the brain, in the joints and many places in the body including any arterioles that feed the other vital organs. 

Hence lowering the inflammation is essential. Getting inflammatory things out of your diet and your life is a good option. Anything that chronically inflames you is bad. 

3. A Mineral Called Magnesium

There are many medical studies that show without-doubt that supplying enough magnesium in your diet will help keep your blood pressure naturally lower. On the ketogenic way of eating, multiple foods that are keto-friendly that you can have to get a good supply of magnesium like green vegetables, meats, and nuts. 

So many people in America and the world are deficient in magnesium which will cause your blood pressure to be naturally higher and you do not want that.

4. A Mineral Called Potassium

There are multiple studies that show that if your potassium levels are optimal your blood pressure is lower. Foods like Avocados, Broccoli, Mushroom, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkin Seeds, Salmon, Pork chops, Tuna and many more. All of these are packed with potassium are a good way to maintain a good level of potassium in your blood and help keep your blood pressure normal.

5. Stress

This is not the right kind of stress that you need to learn something but this category refers to the daily chronic stress that keeps your adrenaline, your epinephrine levels high that keeps your cortisol levels high. If you are suffering from chronic bad stress in your life then you have got to work on that. Applying strategies, for example, improving the quality of your sleep, meditate, learn a new skill, exercise, reduce your caffeine intake or even have sex. 

These will definitely reduce your chronic bad stress levels. And these will help you lower your cortisol levels and your adrenaline levels which will ultimately lower your blood pressure. 

6. Sleep 

If you are not sleeping well at night then it is going to elevate your blood pressure. Sleep apnea which is a potentially severe sleep disorder is the leading cause of secondary hypertension in Americans and in the world. 

If you are overweight, if you are chronically inflamed or if your insulin levels are chronically high, you are more likely to have sleep apnea. And that is just one of the ways to get poor sleep which can raise your blood pressure. 

If you do not sleep well at night or whenever you sleep then your adrenaline levels can be high along with your cortisol levels can be high which will also keep your insulin level high and make you tired. 

And when you are tired and irritable from not having a good night's sleep makes it much easier to reach and grab some form of processed food that your body does not need. But on the other hand, if you are well-rested, you are alert and you are awake in the morning you will be able to make much healthier decisions for your diet so you have to follow the principles of getting good sleep and follow a meticulously sleep hygiene especially as you get older. 

When you are 17 you can sleep deeply and someone can just come and kick you out of bed and you would not even wake up. You will continue sleeping. But as you grow older it gets more difficult to get those 7 to 9 hours of good deep quality of sleep and that is vital for keeping your blood pressure lower. 


7. Alcohol

If you are young and healthy and you do not have any blood pressure problems you can have a mix of a drink or two which is carb-free every night and it would not be a big deal. But as you grow older, as you get more insulin proof, as you get more long-term inflammation, getting more stress in your life you should stay away from alcohol, especially if you take one to three medications for your blood pressure, you have to stop drinking alcohol. 

And once you have considered all these principles and gotten your blood pressure and your insulin and everything else fixed, then you may be able to go back and have 2-3 mixed drinks that are carb-free every now and then and it may not affect you that much. But why would you want to have three drinks at night that is contributing to your high blood pressure? You should stop that voluntarily and start taking medications for your high blood pressure

So if you are currently on any medication for hypertension or high blood pressure, do not discontinue taking your medications without talking about it to your doctor. 



You need to start following these principles as soon as possible. You need to stay in touch with your blood pressure and keep a regular check on it. You can get a blood pressure checking machine which is readily available online or at any of your nearest pharmacy stores. 

And you have to check your blood pressure twice a day when you are calm, cool and relaxed. You do not want to be in pain, you do not want to be pissed off, you do not want to be tired when you are checking your blood pressure because it is going to be high. 

Only get medication if your blood pressure is consistently high. If you follow these 7 principles for long enough you will be able to get off most of these if not all the blood pressure medication. But you do it with hand in hand with a learned advisor who is your doctor.  

Also, your doctor needs to rule out any causes of secondary hypertension like sleep apnea there are several other ones that involve the adrenal glands. And if you have a secondary cause of high blood pressure you have to be on medication and that is just how it is going to be. 

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