7 Things To Know About Breast Cancer

Marking this month as the Breast Cancer Awareness month let us dive into things that you never knew about breast cancer and how to prevent it. If you read it on mainstream articles about breast cancer prevention or watch it on television, then very often they will talk about things that are not really helpful and which are not really related to prevention. 

So keeping everything detailed, get to know about the things you can do to prevent your personal risk of developing breast cancer. So if you listen to the mainstream media or experts, you will hear things like ‘eat more grains’, ‘eat more fruit’, ‘get a yearly mammogram’.

7 Things To Know About Breast Cancer

Is that really the state of the art when it comes to breast cancer prevention? It is not actually. First of all, let us talk about some risks that you cannot eliminate. Everybody needs to know these even though you cannot really do anything about them. 

So the risks that you really cannot eliminate are your genetics of course, your age whereas you get older your risk of developing breast cancer goes up like any other cancer, your gender where you are more likely to develop it if you are genetically a woman and men can also develop breast cancer but it is very rare.

That tells us that it is a hormonal issue. If you started having periods very early in life, where you had early menarche that is an increased risk factor. If you had very late menopause that is also a risk factor. If you have a direct family history like a mom or a sister who had breast cancer then you are at a little bit of increased absolute risk.

Now, these are not guarantees that you will develop breast cancer. They are not. Even if you have the worst genetics possible and have a mom and a sister who had breast cancer, then you still might only have a 25% to 50% chance at the very worst-case scenario.

If you just eat a crap diet and lead a crap diet and do not follow the suggested ten things that you will read below then you might have a very high risk which is still going to be less than 50%. 

This blog is telling you about how you can completely slash your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer even if you have these unpreventable or uneliminateable risk factors, you can load the dice in your favor so that you never lose to cancer. 

Research tells us that you can decrease your odds by working on something called epigenetics. You may have terrible genetics when it comes to breast cancer. You should start on preventing your breast cancer risks immediately. 

The earlier you do it the easier it becomes to prevent it. You can actually properly flip the epigenetic switches that effectively turn off your genetic risk of developing breast cancer. Now a lot of times things are called prevention when they are not prevention. 

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You might hear mammograms, breast self-exam, thermography, MRI, they are often listed under prevention and they actually have nothing to do with prevention whatsoever. They are early detection methods.

Now early detection is very important because the earlier you detect and diagnose any cancer the more likely you are going to be able to cure it if not at least put it into remission for a long long time.

So we do want to catch any breast cancer very early but please do not mistake a mammogram or a breast self-exam prevention. 

The average risk of a woman born today is one in eight chance of developing breast cancer some time in her life. So that is a 13% chance if you are born today that you will develop breast cancer sometime before you die hopefully in your eighties, nineties or hundreds. 

That 13% chance does not sound terrible. But what you would like to do is to slash any risk of having breast cancer and reduce the number to 0.13%. You should be able to have the tiniest risk of developing breast cancer that you could possibly have the list below will help you with that

1. Number one is that you have to decrease your intake of sugar. This can be sugar from processed foods, this can be sugar from natural foods. It is without question that cancer loves sugar, cancer thrives on sugar, cancer grows best in a sugar-heavy environment. 

There are indeed cancers that can limp by and get by and survive on ketones, fatty acids, and other things. But for cancer to thrive, metastasize, grow and log rhythmically and quickly. It has to have sugar, that is the end of the story.

If scientists try to grow cancer cells in the lab in a petri dish, we put sugar in there so they grow really quickly. If doctors try and detect cancer in your body they attach the contrast molecule to sugar so that cancer will take it up very quickly.

These things are not open for debate, this is settled science. Cancer loves sugar and there is no way around that. 

2. You have to decrease your intake of all grains even whole grain and stone-ground grain. Humans have only been eating grains for a very short period of our existence on this planet. 

When you eat grains, whether it is whole wheat bread or a jelly doughnut, your body immediately begins to break the carbohydrates from the grain into sugars. This starts in your mouth even before you swallow the stone ground, organic, non-GMO, whole grain bread. 

You were tricked into thinking that somehow grains are magically good for us. This is a wonderful marketing ploy, but eating grains will not decrease your risk of cancer. Instead, it may probably increase them. 

So if grains break down to sugars we are back to point number one. 

3. You have to slash your intake of industrial seed oil. This includes any kind of vegetable oil like sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, flaxseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, and mustard oil. 

All these things are made synthetically in the factory with chemicals and heat. They are not natural and we have been only eating them for a tiny portion of our time on this planet.

Our body knows what to do with lard and beef tallow and chicken fat. We know what to do with natural animal fats even with olive, avocado and coconut oil. But when it comes to the modern industrial seed oils, they are going to cause a problem. 

The problem is that every cell in your body and the mitochondria in your body have a cell membrane around the cell and the mitochondria have an outer and an inner membrane. All of these membranes are made of a phospholipid bilayer. 

Lipid is fat. So if you eat too many industrial seed oils and your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is too high then you are actually building your mitochondrial outer and inner membranes with the wrong kind of fat.

You are building your cell membranes with the wrong kinds of fats. And that is not a good thing because if a mitochondrion or a cell is built improperly if it has a manufacturer’s defect then it is more likely to function and turn into a cancer cell. 

So you have got to use real, healthy and appropriate fats and stop eating modern fats.

4. You have to stop smoking no matter what. There are a lot of good observational data that prove smoking increases one’s risk of breast cancer. There is fairly good observational data about secondary inhalation of smoke that will increase your risk of breast cancer at least a little bit.]

Smoking is bad for you in a thousand other ways, so please stop smoking. 

5. Do more intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting does a lot of good things. So when you fast you do several things. First of all, you keep your blood glucose level very low and normal which is good.

You also keep your serum insulin level very low and normal. Insulin is a growth hormone and so insulin can help cancer grow faster. When you keep your insulin levels low and normal, then you are going to slow down the cancer growth. 

Intermittent also increases the rate of autophagy. Your body can actually break down improperly manufactured cells that are old or precancerous. Your body can target them and break them down and use them for other things.

But your body will not do that as readily if you are doing that every four hours with snacks in between. There needs to be some intermittent fasting, either daily or once every week or month. Whatever is most comfortable for you. 

6. If you are a mother with a child who needs nursing, tries and breastfeeds your child more often than usual or as long as you can. A lot of good research backs this up as a good preventative for the future development of breast cancer. 

7. Next is to limit your alcohol intake to one serving a day or less. Pretty convincing observational data proves that if you drink more than one serving of any alcohol a day, be it red wine, whiskey or any other liquor can increase your chances of developing breast cancer a tiny bit. 


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