Alcohol & Drug Treatment

  1. Role Of Smoking In Vision Loss

    Role Of Smoking In Vision Loss

    Cigarette smoking is considered to be one of the most important risk factors for human health in developed countries and an important cause of various eye disorders. Cigarette smoking contains thousands of chemicals and many of them are toxic. It contains harmful free radicals that damage lens proteins and the fiber cell membrane in the lens. 

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  2. How Adversely Alcohol Affects The Brain?

    How Adversely Alcohol Affects The Brain?

    Alcohol is a major threat to global health. A chronic use of alcohol is associated with dysfunction of multiple organs, including the brain. Although many people enjoy moderate drinking but drinking too much leads to an overdose and an overdose impairs the body functions that highly increases the risk of various complications. Like most body organs, the brain is also vulnerable to injury from alcohol consumption. 

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  3. Reasons to why quit smoking

    Reasons to why quit smoking

    The harm of smoking are experienced at every organ in the body and it has become a primary cause of many premature deaths. Smoking harms the lungs, heart, brain, kidney, skin eyes and if a woman does smoking at the pregnancy then even unborn child suffers. Nicotine and tar are the major components of cigarette that leads to the hazardous health issues.

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  4. How Adversely Excessive Alcohol Affect Your Health

    We all are aware that consumption of alcohol is bad for health but do you know how adverse can the effects be??  Effect of excessive alcohol has almost on every organ of the body and increases the risk of suffering from many life threatening diseases

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  5. How one sip of alcohol demolished my life?

    How one sip of alcohol demolished my life?

    This is the story of my abysmal life that I first found very fascinating. I’ve generally told this story in recovery meetings but today I think I want to share the worst part of my life with you all and hope that no one goes through what I went. Today I am living a much better life that is challenging and joyful. 

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  6. Is it safe to drink alcohol in diabetes?

    Is it safe to drink alcohol in diabetes?

    If you are diabetic as well as alcoholic then it might be a bit risky for you because the consumption of alcohol may either cause your blood sugar level rise or fall. But that risk is not high to the extent that you can’t even live an enjoyable life.

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