Anti Viral

  1. 3 Common Deadly Viruses

    3 Common Deadly Viruses

    Viruses are the germs that cause infectious and severe diseases. Viruses are tiny germs that invade normal living cells and use them to produce more viruses like themselves and causes severe illness. Viral diseases are quite common and we all have heard of them before. These viral diseases severely affect the quality of life of a person and make it difficult for the patient to do daily activities. 

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  2. Why should you be aware of Nipah virus?

    Why should you be aware of Nipah virus?

    According to the reports, many people have died in the South Indian state of Kerala after being infected by the virus named Nipah virus. It is considered to be a deadly one. In May 2018, people of Kerala witnessed this deadly virus for the first time and till now many people have already died including a nurse who had been treating a family of three.

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  3. 6 Things you still don’t know about HPV

    6 Things you still don’t know about HPV

    One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is Human Papillomavirus(HPV). It is the most sexually transmitted infection that affects men and women. It is a very common type and can lead to cervical cancer or cancer of the anus. It is not just a single virus, but there are 100 of its types.

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