1. 5 house cleaning tips to ease asthma symptoms

    5 house cleaning tips to ease asthma symptoms

    It’s time for neighborhood parties, outdoor sporting events. Now that summer has officially announced its arrival, your social calendar will undoubtedly fill up with the fun-in-the-sun activities. Most people welcome this opportunity by being outside after the winters. But this arrival is also rough for allergy sufferers. Keeping a house clean is not always easy when kids are involved but it may be worth striving for if your kid is suffering from asthma.

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  2. Know some common asthma triggers

    Know some common asthma triggers

    If you are also the patient of asthma, then you must know that it is an inflammation of airways in the lungs. In this, the airways got narrowed down and blocked resulting in tight muscles around the airways. This can cause wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness etc. Asthma is caused by various triggers. 

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  3. How are nebulizer beneficial?

    How are nebulizer beneficial?

    People who have asthma are bound to use inhalers whenever they feel shortness of breath. Reaching out for the nebulizer for the patients is just like putting on glasses in the morning for common people if they have a vision problem.

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  4. Asthma : Get aware of the chronic illness

    Asthma : Get aware of the  chronic illness

    A chronic disease that involves the airways in the lungs. These airways are responsible for the air to pass inside and out of lungs. Asthma is a chronic lung illness that narrows down the airways. Your airways get inflamed and you’ll hear a whistling sound while breathing. 

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