5 Bad Habits That Make You Obese

Obesity is a condition that is associated with excess body fat to such an extent that it throws negative impact on health. As per many doctors, obesity has become a public health problem around the world. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a tool that is used to measure obesity and people with BMI of 30 or greater than that is considered to be obese. Obesity includes many complications and it is necessary to take necessary steps in order to save yourself from any chronic disease. Obesity itself is complicated.

 5 Bad Habits That Make You Obese

1. Physical inactivity

Numerous studies have shown that people who are more involved in watching television or playing computer games are more likely to suffer from Obesity. Whereas those who involve themselves in physical activity are less likely to face the issue of obesity. Physical activity alone can work wonders and helps in decreasing the risk of Obesity and it also acts as an effective treatment for all those who are looking for a solution to get rid of this health issue. Physical activity is universally promoted as a necessity for the weight management. Obesity is highly associated with many other diseases and by doing physical activity for at least 40 minutes every day, you can reduce the risk of any future complications.

2. Unhealthy Eating Habits

What you eat is important and linked to obesity but how much you eat and how quickly you eat is equally important. Many researchers have proved that people who eat too quickly are more prone to be obese than diners who eat slowly. We all are aware of the importance of taking healthy diet, which contains enough nutrients and vitamins but is also important to understand that quickly eating habit comes under unhealthy eating habit and can be associated with diseases as well. It has been believed that quickly eating can lead to overeating as our brain takes some time to deliver a message to stop eating. For quick eaters, the delivery of the message is too late.  

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3. Excessive consumption of alcohol

There are many factors that make a person obese and consumption of excessive alcohol is one of the factors. In fact, this factor is not only associated with obesity but with almost every disease. Alcohol throws negative impact on the overall health and in order to live a quality of life it is necessary to cut down the consumption of alcohol. Some researchers found that alcohol stimulates appetite and increases hunger which makes a person eat more than the normal diet. Alcohol itself contains calories and these calories do not contain any beneficial nutrients or vitamins.

4. Sleep deprivation

There is an association between sleep deprivation and Obesity. People who suffer from insomnia or do not take enough sleep are more likely to be obese. There are many factors that prove that sleep deprivation is linked to obesity. The most possible reason is that sleep deprived people tend to be tired and they might skip their daily morning exercises. Morning exercise decreases the risk of obesity. Or they come under night snackers which again throws negative impact on weight management. Also, sleep deprivation increases the risk of stress and stress can also directly impact the weight gain. This is because of the effect of bad eating behaviour. People under stress are more likely to adopt unhealthy eating habits.

5. Drinking sweetened beverages

Many researchers found that the intake of sweetened beverages has rapidly increased and it is one of the major cause of weight gain. Consumption of sweetened beverages leads to high calorie intake which is a risk factor for obesity. Also, it acts as a most common cause of obesity in children. Drinking sugar sweetened beverage compromises the overall quality of child’s life. It leads to an intake of so many calories that are not associated with nutrients and vitamins which are very essential for the good growth of the child. Soda consumption also doubles the risk of dental problems in children.

We have compiled a list of some common bad habits that increase the risk to suffer from Obesity. Try to follow the advice and share it with your family and friends to create awareness among them. Also, share your views in the comment section below.


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