Beginner's guide to work out with kids

Kids used to be active back in 90s, now they are not. Just like adults, their life is pretty much includes seats, travelling, gadgets and even stress and depression. This supports the need of workout for children, but convincing your kids for exercise will be way more difficult than preparing yourself for the same. I know some mothers who were fascinated by the idea of working out with children. “It is like a christmas wish for me. I never get time to workout, as kids always demand my presence after home. Now, all i need to do is convince them to join me,  and then the world will be a better place for me.” Maria, mother of 3 told CMS.

 Beginner's guide to work out with kids

This leads us to the question, ‘how do you work out with your kids and not want to pull your hair out?’ I have 5 tips for you to keep in mind while you are planning to start working out with kids.

1. Think like a kid. First of all, you need to remember that kids think different than adults. Anything with the word “work” in it is probably not something your kids are going to wake up eager to do. So, when you are planning your kid workouts, remember you need to make them fun, energetic, and more like play. Don’t make them at 5:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m. or 2 hours in length. Think about what you at age 10 would want to do and go from there.

2. Don’t expect much, but celebrate a lot.  Get rid of expectations, because that is what makes working out with kids so painful. Don’t expect the days you have your kids in tow to be your best workouts ever. Sure, it may not be your fastest mile ever and you may not be able to go in all out “Beast Mode” on the treadmill.  Go into these workouts expecting your kids to slow you down, to get bored, to not go as far as you normally go. That way when they surprise you, you can celebrate it, instead of being disappointed by your high expectations.

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3. Improvise. There just certain activities I do in my workouts that my kids can’t or won’t do. This doesn’t mean they still can’t come along with me. If I go out for a long run, I encourage them to ride their bikes while I run. My youngest is at a perfect pace with my run. My older two are much faster, so I set a rule that they need to check back for me every few minutes and if they can’t see me, then they need to stop until I catch up.

4. Find fun ways to work out. Use your kid workout days to try something new. My daughter loves to go to Pound class where we work out and rock out with drum sticks. My boys come along with me when I go to Aerobics at our local trampoline park. Want to work on some arm strength? Go to a local park and do the monkey bars.
5. Let them be the trainer. With my middle son, I find that he is more likely to workout with me if he has some control in the process. So I often let him be the trainer and guide our workouts. This usually leads to races around the track, or other competitive type workouts. But he loves that he actually gets to take charge and boss me around a bit!

So all you busy parents out there, stop trying to figure out how to find time to workout because of your kids and incorporate them in the process. You’ll get in more workouts and be a better mom for it! I promise it will be an amazing journey for all of you.



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