How I managed to combat Brain Cancer bravely?

This is my story where I once was going through a crucial time when I came to know that I have brain cancer. My story begins with the lack of sensations. It was a day in 2012  when three of the fingers in my left hand suddenly lost the feeling. I, along with my family was living in Arizona. I immediately made an appointment to see a doctor. When I went to the physician, the feeling of my hand was restored, but my wife forced me to proceed with the appointment. I agreed with her and had an X-ray to see if there are any signs of damage in the spine. My doctor found some suspicious spots on the film of the X-ray, and he recommended me an MRI of my brain. After having a complete check-up of the brain, the images showed lesions in my brain and also a large mass at the front. My doctor urged me to consult a neurologist immediately. After going through several tests by the neurologist, he thought that I had multiple sclerosis, that may look similar to cancer. 

How I managed to combat Brain Cancer bravely?

We were still unsure so my wife and I decided to seek a second option. After several tests, another neurologist also thought that I had multiple sclerosis. We decided to follow the doctor’s suggestion that I begin the treatment. I started taking medications. It felt like life calmed down for some time, but I think destiny had something else in mind. Three years later, things took a huge turn. My prescription needed to be renewed. The doctor I saw wanted to do a new MRI to make sure that the condition was not getting worse. At that time, when I went through the scan, the results did not show that I had MS, but a possibility of cancer. My wife told me to see a doctor in Texas right away. During our first visit to the doctor, my wife and I felt concerned. There the doctor confirmed that I had brain cancer and told me that it could be removed with surgical treatment. I started feeling panic because of the fact that I will be having brain surgery. The thought of this was scary. But after every one explained to us, we decided to go for the treatment. Even before my first appointment, my physician and neurologist reviewed my scans told me to come for a biopsy if I had cancer. Till that point, the biopsy had not been done. After getting the biopsy, my neurologist told us that I had grade II brain cancer. To our further shock, it turned out that I had both brain cancer as well as MS.

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The neurologist suggested us to go for a surgery first and then chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I went through my first surgery in 2015. The next day, I felt my toes and fingers worked just fine. I walked out of the ICU. My neurosurgeon was confident enough that he had removed the tumor from my brain successfully. The incision was also minimal. My head was shaved a tiny bit, but it was barely noticeable. After one month, I went through about 40 rounds of chemotherapy and few rounds of radiation. My wife held on to me. At first, I felt some nausea but medications kept it mild.

Today, I am doing great. My experience with brain cancer has completely changed me. I have started believing in the power of not giving up. I hope you all get inspired by my story and fight the demon of cancer bravely. Comment in the section below if you want to ask something or share your story. Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


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