Experiencing breathlessness You might be low on Vitamin B 12

Does a little work exert you to the level that you feel short of breath? If that’s the case then you should check the vitamin B 12 levels in your body. A minor delay can leave to chronic levels of medical problems that are way severe. The medical issue of experiencing breathlessness is really a strong indication that you might be having low vitamin B 12.


The deficiency of vitamin B 12 is very much related to other diseases like anaemia, weak muscles and bones, tiredness and fatigue, short breaths, sleepy all the time even after having enough rest. Pale skin is one of the indicators that a person is dealing with iron deficiency. All the things are very much associated with each other. Let’s understand how?

 Experiencing breathlessness You might be low on Vitamin B 12


Experiencing breathlessness? Know breathlessness causes.


It indicates that you might be low on various vitamins and minerals in your body. Your body is not getting enough generation of vitamins through your diet. All of us these days have become really overburdened with the lifestyle we are living in. The miss-match of our lifestyle with our body clock is not getting good synchronisations. Hence, resulting in diseases like anaemia, deficiencies of vitamins like Vitamin B 12, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, magnesium etc.


But it gets alarming when one has the problem related to experiencing breathlessness.The breathlessness causes must be first detected. It should be immediately treated without a delay.  Anaemia and low Vitamin B 12 or vitamin B 12 Deficiency hand in hand


When a person is low vitamin B 12 than the tissues and organs of the body lacks oxygen levels. The generation of red blood cells drops very much. This lower production of RBC which is a factor for main blood supply and transportation throughout the body tissues, muscles, organs get decreased tremendously. Hence, the person gets pale skin and eyes. As the blood count is low the body skin texture becomes pale and yellowish like patients dealing with jaundice has.


Breathlessness causes


A simple walk has made you pump heart rate to the level that you can experience it hearing out to you? But no even when you are going to sleep and in between sleep you heart is again pumping out? One of the factors causing this could be a Vitamin B 12 deficiency. As we discussed above that low vitamin B 12 is directly associated with anaemia and cause of less transportation of oxygen supply throughout the body. Therefore, the brain and heart both do not receive a good amount of oxygen for their proper functioning. So, when there is more requirement of oxygen by the heart and it does not get it on time properly then it leads to pumping of the heart resulting in breathlessness. Breathlessness causes short of breaths issues.

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Symptoms of low vitamin B 12 and vitamin B 12 deficiency:


Yes, according to a recent study the Vitamin B 12 deficiencies is one of the most leading deficiencies amongst all nutrients found in people across the globe. If you too dealing with breathlessness, tired and fatigue, numbness, sore muscles, pale skin, sleepy but not active, lack of concentration, mood swings, pins and needle kind of sensation throughout the body, blurry vision, confusions, forgetfulness etc. you must consult today with your general physicians.


Vitamin B 12 Deficiency: Physiological processes


Vitamin B12 deficiency is also known as cobalamin-deficiency. It leads to shortness of breath. Vitamin B 12 has its contribution to various kind of physiological processes. This process includes the absorption of nutrients from food. These absorption results in the production of different types of an amino acid with the generation of haemoglobin. The good haemoglobin levels are important because they supply the oxygen of nutrients in the blood vessels throughout the body. This helps in the proper supply of oxygen to various organs in the body. The lack of which on the other hand results in less oxygen supply in the body parts, veins, muscles and organs. This will lead to breathlessness and ultimately results in shortness of breath.


Therefore, there are many negative symptoms of vitamin B 12 deficiencies like breathlessness or shortness of breath The requirement for B 12 deficiency may vary from person to person too. So, it is always best to take any kind of medication after the good consultation and only after doctor prescription. Have a balanced level of vitamin B 12 and breath well.






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