Confidence! A key to success?

Self confidence is an essential part of nearly every aspect of our lives. It is one of the main ingredients for success. From being a student to being the leader  of a company, self confidence is necessary. Self confidence is basically to have blind confidence and faith on yourself. This blind confidence shouldn't be blind in terms of believing anything we feel about ourselves. It must be adequately supported by facts. A confident person can be easily differentiable among a group of underconfident ones. It is because of the kind of energy and vibe that is around a confident person.

What kind of a person you would like to be around of? A confident one or an under-confident one. I think I know your answer. Confidence is quite contagious. If you're around a positive vibe inducing, confident person, you'll find a whole different energy around you. This is the power of confidence. Confidence has emerged as "The Trait" everyone is looking for. Be it a recruiter for a company or even being the CEO of the company, confidence is asked for. No wonder why confidence is the key.

 Confidence! A key to success?

Why is confidence important?

Confidence is basically being able to believe in your capabilities and in yourself. It is about getting free from any kind of doubt about them. It is about trusting yourself without thinking twice.

It is one of the most in demand trait and people do want it. It is not an intrinsically present trait. One can develop confidence. There is a very fine line in being confident and being arrogant. Being confident is about knowing that you can do a certain task. Being arrogant is about knowing that only know can do a certain task. While being confident brings a lot of great results with it, it's not the same for being arrogant. If you're being arrogant and you are doing nothing about it. Then, you must. Else, you'll be left out.

Confident people evoke confidence in others. That's is one of the reasons why they find success. Just imagine, if someone can inspire confidence in you when you're at your lowest, what will you feel about such a person.

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There is nothing that can measure confidence. Confidence of a person is usually judged by how he or she behaves. One who looks nervous, talks anxiously and appears tensed can easily be identified as an under confident person while one who walks with his head high, speaks clearly and appears to be full with energy can be easily said as confident.

Confidence is one of the most common qualities among great leaders. Take anyone, from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, from Jocko Willink to Mark Zuckerberg, they all are confident people. The kind of enthusiasm and energy a confident person brings to a team is just incredible. So if you want to be a leader someday, just try to develop some confidence in yourself. Confidence has the ability to make you happier, more satisfied and successful.

How to develop self confidence?

Confidence can be developed by working on it a little every day. It's not about some hacks or tricks to look confident but rather it is about becoming self-confident from the inside. This is not about some theoretical thing, but a much more practical approach to increasing self-confidence. Self-confidence increases when you do things that you didn't think that you're able to do. These things can be anything, from picking up some adventure sport to carrying out a presentation. The basic thing is to actually be doing things that fear you the most. Many of us have a false self-image that demolishes our self-confidence whenever we try to do something. It's due to that self-image that our self-confidence decreases. We form this self-image based in our past experiences. Past rejections, scoldings, failures don't allow us to move forward. They hold us back and when they do, our self-confidence decreases. We need to get out of this vicious circle. What can we do about it?

Well, the strategy that I think is more effective is doing things that you fear the most repeatedly until you develop a comfort with them. For example, you might not feel confident talking to new people. You start shaking as soon as you're in a new environment. To remove that fear and to gain some confidence, you could try saying as little as a "Hi!" To strangers. This way you'll develop comfort with speaking to strangers. And once you're at comfort with it, you won't feel under confident.






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