Are you also witnessing some abnormal changes and can’t figure out why is it happening? There might be a possibility that you are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. The symptoms of Diabetes usually occur when the level of blood sugar elevates abnormally. Since, there are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms may vary from person to person but they also depend on what type of diabetes you have.

In type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks the part of the pancreas which releases the insulin. In the absence of insulin, sugar stays and builds in the body. In that case, the body starves insulin and often leads to Type 1 diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas in the body makes extra insulin than needed and then it stops producing it. About 95% of Diabetes patients who are American have Type 2 diabetes.

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Do you know 5 symptoms of Diabetes?

There are some symptoms that you must know in order to find out whether you have diabetes or not :

  • Being Hungry and Exhausted all the time: The cells need insulin to bring the glucose inside the body. Generally, our body converts the food we eat into glucose that the cells use for energy. So, the problem arises when your body does not make enough or any insulin and glucose can’t get into them, it often leads to fatigue and hunger. If you get hungry and tired quite often, this may be a sign of diabetes and you should definitely consult the doctor.
  • Being Thirsty all the time: If you keep getting thirsty, this might be an indication that you have diabetes. If you have diabetes, the muscles and other tissues of the body might get dehydrated and this is because the level of blood sugar rises which pulls all the fluid. This can make your body dehydrated and signals you to drink more water.
  • Peeing Frequently: When being thirsty is one of the symptoms among the diabetics, then peeing frequently is likely to be another one. When the person drinks water frequently, he will definitely go to the washroom in a short interval of time. Normally a person has to pee between 4 to 7 times a day, but if you show the symptoms of diabetes, you would want to go more. This is because normally your body soaks the glucose as soon as it passes through the kidneys.But, if you have diabetes, your kidneys won’t be able to bring all the glucose within which causes it to produce more urine and that consumes all the fluids. You will have to go more often. When all the fluids are released from the body, you will again feel thirsty. So, biologically peeing and getting thirsty are interrelated and you must surely keep a check on both the things.
  • Blurred Vision: Since you frequently have an urge to pee and feel thirsty, this imbalance will definitely create complications in the body. The levels of fluid keep changing in it that may lead to the swelling in your eyes. According to the studies, it has been found that over time, diabetes damage the blood vessels in the retina. A condition called Diabetic Retinopathy occurs when the blood vessels in the retina leak blood and other fluids which results in clouded vision. It may occur to both the eyes. If a person has diabetes for very long, he is more prone to blurred vision. If retinopathy is left untreated, there is a chance of person going blind. The American Optometric Association has suggested that people who are suffering from diabetes should undergo a comprehensive dilated eye examination every year so that if detected can limit the expansion of vision loss from diabetic retinopathy.
  • Cuts and Wounds Unhealed: People who show signs of diabetes often complain about having a hard time healing the injection. This is also one of the symptoms of diabetes when your body struggles in fighting off the injection. This might be because your body loses the immunity because of bacteria that thrive when your sugar levels in the blood are too high. Blood sugar can also damage the nerves. Yeast infection can also take place usually among women in the vagina, under breasts or between fingers and toes. It also hinders your body to heal. Since white blood cells are responsible for healing purpose, high blood sugar level disturbs it.
  • Weight Loss: Sometimes you eat normally and also feel hungry but still feel that you are losing the weight, this clearly indicates that you are suffering from diabetes. This is because your body is unable to get energy from the food you eat and burns down the muscle and fat for energy. It will also break down other energy sources in the body which will lead to weight loss.

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What to do when you are having the symptoms of Diabetes?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Diabetes, you are strongly recommended to pay a visit to the doctor. Keep a log of all the symptoms that your body has shown and before an appointment with the doctor, ask him that whether you have to do anything before seeing him like have fast or not to drink water etc. This might help you in the test that has to be done by the doctor and give precise results.