Types Of Doctors To Consult For Erectile Dysfunction

About 30 millions of men suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most prevalent sex problems men notify their healthcare specialists. 

Men do experience the issue with erection sometimes as a result of stress. When it becomes more prevalent, you need to consult a physician right away. 

Types Of Doctors To Consult For Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from ED, you can get the problem due to the following reasons:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Anxiety

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED refers to a health condition when men have a problem with getting or keeping an erection firm enough for a sex drive. 
The problem of ED can be an indication of your emotional and relationship troubles that needs to be taken into consideration by a professional. 

Male sex problems can be caused by several other factors as well. It includes:

  • Lacking interest in sex
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retarded or absent ejaculation

What Are The Types Of Doctors For ED?

1. Urologists

A urologist is a doctor who specializes in the morbidities of the urinary tract and reproductive systems. In some cases, urologists can also perform surgery to remove the tumor or treat the blockage of the urinary tract. 

When a person suffers from a problem relating to kidney, ureters, urethra, bladder, or adrenal glands, he can go to a urologist to get the condition treated appropriately. Men can go to them when they have a disorder correlative to the penis, prostate, epididymis, tests, and seminal vesicles. 

Several conditions of the prostate can develop the problem of erectile dysfunction. Some of the functions are:

  • Increased urination or polyuria
  • Nerve damage arising out of radical prostatectomy
  • Prostate cancer
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Augmented prostate or treatment for the same

Urologists perform the following tests to detect the cause of the disease:

Physical Exam: In this, the penis and testicles are examined cautiously, and the nerves are evaluated for sensation. The doctor also monitors the patient’s blood pressure.

Rectal Exam: In this, the doctor checks the health of the prostate by using a finger. This exam will cause minimal distress to the patient. 

2. Endocrinologists

An endocrinologist is a doctor that specializes in glands and the hormones they produce. Certain disorders, like those associated with low levels or high levels of the hormone, can only be tested by the endocrinologists. When a person has low levels of testosterone hormones, he can get affected by erectile dysfunction. So, it is necessary to consult an endocrinologist and get your hormone levels tested. 

Endocrinologists will take the following tests to detect the problem:

Fertility Test: This test is done to determine the underlying causes of male infertility. The deformities in a man’s sperm and reproductive system are tested.

Prolactin Level Test: In this, the doctor tests the levels of a hormone called prolactin in the body. High levels of this particular hormone can cause erectile dysfunction. 

DHEAS Test: DHEAS is an acronym for Dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland in both men and women. DHEA helps in the creation of hormones like testosterone in men and estrogen in women. DHEA gets converted into DHEA-S in the liver and the adrenal gland. The DHEAS test is done to measure the levels of DHEA hormone in the bloodstream.  

SHBG Test: Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SHBG) Test is done to find out the cause of a reduced sex drive, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

SHBG is a protein produced by the liver that attaches itself to the sex hormones including - 

  • Dihydrotestosterone
  • Estradiol

SHBG binds to all of the hormones listed above. But, the test is usually performed by the doctor to check the way it binds testosterone.

In this test, a needle is used to collect a small blood sample from a vein in the arm. The duration of the test is less than five minutes. You will experience a slight pain in the site, but you will get relieved in a short timeframe. 

Types Of Doctors To Consult For Erectile Dysfunction

3. Mental Health Professionals

The mental health professionals help to ascertain whether the psychological issues are the reason behind the development of your ED. 

Following are the symptoms that call for an examination of your condition by a mental health professional:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Fatigues
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorder
  • A personality disorder that is adversely affecting the relationship with your partner

The doctor will provide you with a questionnaire to fill. Fill it correctly to let your doctor determine the real cause of your problem. He will recommend some lifestyle changes to improve your state of health. 

What Are The Oral Medications To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Avanafil (Stendra)

Other Treatments include:

  • Penile injections
  • Penile implants
  • Testosterone therapy
  • Vacuum erection equipment
  • Intraurethral medication










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