Beware A single scratch from a dog can lead to serious infections and death

Sometimes a single scratch from a dog can lead to life-threatening infections. Rabies does not spread only through a dog bite but it can also spread by their simple scratch. If any person avoids even a minor scratch from the dog it can lead to serious health problems. If you have a dog at home, then it is always advised that the dog should always be kept clean and hygienic. There are chances that any of your known people have met with a street dog and may have got a scratch by the dog. In that case, Immediate medical attention must be provided to the victim. A minor delay may lead to serious infections.

 Beware A single scratch from a dog can lead to serious infections and death

Dog bite urgent first aid

Many times it has been seen that when anyone gets injured by an animal attack the urgent care treatment is provided! In some urgent care, the wound is covered but it should not be done. This is the wrong approach. If a dog bite or dog scratch happens then it should not be covered. A proper way of first aid is to first clean it with a bar of mild soap and water After this, wash the wonder running water for at least 10 minutes. Only this should be done first.

After this, urgent advice from the doctor should be taken. If the dog is a pet dog then he should be vaccinated timely. Through the timely and required vaccination, if the dog bites or gives a scratch it will not affect that dangerously when compared to non vaccinated dog bite or scratch.

Therefore, a vaccinated dog scratch can simply be treated by simple water and soap. It is sufficient if the case is not a serious one. Wherein, In the case of a street dog scratch or dog bite, injection must be taken timely. Also, a  doctor visit is important. It is also advised that it in case of a pet dog bite or dog scratch, injection for the safety purpose should also be taken.

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Rabies is a disease caused by a dog bite or animal bites like a cat or monkey.

If rabies happens to a person that unfortunately, this disease is non-curable. That means if a person gets rabies then his death is a confirmed case. It has been found that not only dogs but cats and monkeys are also containing rabies virus. If a dog is having rabies virus and the victim of the dog bite or dog scratch has not vaccinated on time then there are very strong chances of rabies attack. The probability increases higher within the timeline of  9 to 90 days.

As per an average case study, rabies virus if not attacked at the time it may occur after 10 years also. Hence, a precaution is the must.

What happens in rabies disease?

Rabies virus badly affects the nervous system. It damages the brain and nerves. Any person who has rabies has the chances of getting hydrophobia too. In hydrophobia, the patient gets the fear of water and wind. His throat starts to choke badly. Other than this he gets fever, headache, anxiety, fear of objects around him, the problem in eating food, an excessive amount of saliva generation & secretion. One more kind of rabies patient is seen. These patient gets paralyzed and ultimately gets a painful death in the second kind of rabies disease.

In fact, If anyone intakes any kind of food or drink which was already eaten by the dog. No matter whether that dog has rabies or not we should get vaccinated immediately without a second thought. This particular precautional step is really important and should not be avoided.

The injections on the right time for a dog bite or dog scratches are really necessary. Providing injection to the victim is a compulsory first aid for any person. The injections should be taken timely. There are basically 5 doses of injection for a dog bite. There are a series of days for injections intake for the victim and it is on the day of an accident followed by injection on day 3, then day 7, then day 14 & then day 28. This series should be maintained.

Other than the rabies injection there is one more injection named as in ‘Immunoglobulin’ that has to be taken. This particular injection is injected is inserted on the wound. The rabies injection starts the prevention process only after 10 days,  but on the other hand, immunoglobulin gives instant results.

Therefore it is highly advised that any dog bite or dog scratch must not be taken carelessly. It could be a big risk if anyone with a dog bite or dog scratch is not treated on time and under proper guidance. A right first aid can save a human life. After understanding the concept behind why a simple scratch should not be avoided the awareness about the same should be spread. It is good if people support each other through word of wisdom. A life saved on time can save a family too. So, Take care when next time you play with your pet or a street dog and take relevant precautions.

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