When you wake up early morning, do you also experience shooting pain in your head? Are you experiencing it on a daily basis? This condition should not be avoided. It has been an everyday reality for many upon awakening. Various factors might be the reason behind a person having early morning headache. If you have a poor night’s sleep or experience stress, you might have a headache in the early morning. One in 13 people suffer from early morning headache. It might be because of the change in a person’s physiology. Lack of sleep might also be one of the causes of a headache.

The relationship between migraines and morning headache:

A migraine might be one of the causes of a morning headache. It is a most common type of a headache that affects 29 millions of Americans. It affects your normal functioning of the brain resulting in a throbbing pain. Half of them occur between 4 a.m to 9 a.m due to which a person’s sleep get hampered resulting in a morning headache.

Early Morning headaches

Some of the most important causes that one might not afford to miss if he/she is having early morning headache are:

  • Sleep Problems: Sleep problems are one of the leading causes of a person having early morning headache. Some of them are:
  • Insomnia: It is one of the problems that affect your sleep pattern and lead to sleep deprivation. Insomnia prevents you from getting sufficient sleep by:

            1. Keeping you up all night

            2. Causing Restless sleep

            3. Awakening you in the middle of your sleep

It can cause migraine headaches as well. If you are having sleeping problems regularly, you must visit your doctor and discuss with him. Its treatment includes medications, therapies that might relieve you from a morning headache.

  • Sleep Apnea: Snoring is the most common causes of sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder that is characterized by breathing problems while sleeping. Shallow breathing might also occur. Sleep apnea may be linked to frequent headaches in the morning. It may have some symptoms like Daytime sleepiness, night sweats, snoring.
  • Depression: According to a report, the most common cause of a headache in the early morning is depression and anxiety. Mental health conditions might be the reason for insomnia that can further increase the risk for a morning headache. Certain mood disorder and anxiety are the reason that person is unable to sleep at night resulting in the fact that he experiences shooting pain in his head. Diagnosis and treatment are important for the symptoms of anxiety and depression so that proper management can be done. Doctors recommend some antidepressants that can help promote sound sleep which could be beneficial for people having morning headache.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs: Headaches in early morning may be the result of drugs or alcohol. They can interfere with your sleep patterns, disrupt your sleep and cause headache. According to the researchers who conducted a survey in 2004 to find the link between alcohol and headache, it has been found that nearly 19,000 alcoholic people experience early morning headache. It is necessary to talk to your doctor and get some advice. You can buy some anti-alcohol drug from leading online pharmacies.
  • Health Problems: Some other health disorders may lead to headaches in the early morning. When a headache is caused due to other serious health-related problems, it is generally called a secondary headache. Severe conditions may include trauma, high blood pressure, stroke, brain tumor.
  • Bruxism: It is an involuntary grinding as well as clenching of teeth that might be one of the causes of early morning headache. People with this disorder might clench or grind their teeth while sleeping that can lead to a severe headache in the morning. Sleep bruxism is generally related to the arousal during sleep. Many people are not even aware of the fact that they grind their teeth while sleeping. So, there are some symptoms that they may know:
  • Unexplained fractured teeth

             1. Painful jaws

             2. Pain and sensitivity in tooth

             3. Sleep pattern disruption

             4. Frequent headaches in the early morning.

When you are considering the facts around early morning headache, it is important to see all the factors that might be the cause. For example, alcohol may be the reason behind bruxism. So, you can quit alcohol to get the relief. By making some changes in your lifestyle you can prevent early morning headache.

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