Early Riser

The benefits of being a night owl or early bird have always been a discussion. So here we will not be comparing these two, instead will find out why everyone should be an early riser? It's said early birds catch the worm; thus, waking up early does have some perks, let's see what they are! 

Why You Should Be An Early Riser?

Is It Healthy To Get Up Early?

Yes, waking up early does have multiple benefits. Here are some of the following reasons why waking up early in the morning might be worth it.

More Me-Time

People living in a joint family or the ones who have to meet many other humans in their life usually don’t have time for themselves. In fact, many of us belong to the same category. Some don’t focus on 'me time’ just because they are too tired or lazy enough to give up.

You will have enough time for things you like doing or are passionate about. If someone enjoys having coffee after breakfast, he will have enough time to sip it down slowly, enjoying the silence that will help you to prepare yourself to face a hectic day.

Enough Time To Exercise

Most of us face difficulty in working out even if we enjoy doing it but cannot because of job or social commitments. If you fall under this category, you can motivate yourself to exercise by waking up early in the morning.

Getting your exercise done in the early morning initiates a surge of good feeling, endorphins that consequently help to improve mood, lower stress, and anxiety. Doing exercise in the morning also increases your energy level and your quality of sleep

Less Traffic

Morning is often silent with less number of people and disturbance. Getting up early will help you beat the usual traffic and other disturbances. Here the word traffic means people, In the early morning, you will find peace because of many reasons that include this as well.

Less traffic not only saves your time and money but also protects your health and:-

  • Depression
  • Respiratory issues
  • Stress
  • Aggression and range

Ample To Time For Other Things

Every one of us someday or the other wishes to have a few more hours in a day. Such people need to get up early in the morning if they want to resolve such problems. Being an early riser will not let you feel every second to have more time. 

In case you need extra time, being an early riser is the best you can do to yourself as early morning gives you a distraction-free chance to excel in your task. Early risers have time, peace, and energy. Using these in your activity will help you become more productive.

Better Sleep; More Energy

As per some of the research, people who wake up early tend to go to sleep early and have better quality sleep. You must have heard, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

People with these habits have:-

  • Improved mood
  • Better concentration
  • Low risk of obesity or any other chronic disease

Let's have a glimpse about the other side of the story; lack of quality sleep can:-

  • Weaken immune system, increasing the risk of becoming sick
  • Put you in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes\
  • Alter your sex drive

Fewer Dark Circles

You must have noticed on your own, after every good quality sleep you feel fresh. The same goes with the eyes as well. You can even try as well, try completing your sleeping hours and wake up early, you will start to feel the difference within a week.

Dark circles start to appear when shadows are created from puffiness under the eye because of the building up of fluid. This fluid starts to develop due to a lack of sufficient sleep.

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Healthy skin

Rough nights and insufficient sleep can make fine lines, wrinkles, paleness, and swollen eyelids appear on your face. Even sleep deprivation also blocks the skin pores causing acne. Good quality sleep helps your skin to remain healthy by regenerating your skin cells, increasing blood flow, and collagen helps in repairing environmental and UV damage.

Relaxing breakfast

Breakfast is really very important in everybody's daily activity. Getting up early in the morning will give you enough time to prepare and have your breakfast on time rather than grabbing a quick coffee and donut on your way.

Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast will help you feel full of energy and stomach the whole day.

Better concentration

Our brain takes time to wake up after we do, which is why we feel groggy and disoriented just after we wake up. This is a regular part of the waking process, making it difficult for you to concentrate and settle. Getting up early will give your brain enough time to wake and focus constantly.

What Is The Best Time To Wake Up Early In The Morning?

In general with the circadian rhythm, the best time to wake up in the morning is 6 am. Try completing at least 7 hours of sleep. You can change your sleeping time as per your schedule, but try waking up at the crack of dawn.

There are many living examples of early risers, such as:-

  • U.S actor Mark Wahlberg made headlines last year when he said he wakes up at 2:30 am.
  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook has the habit of waking up early at 3:45 as he needs to get updates with the mails in California before his East Coast colleagues do.
  • Oprah Winfrey gets up at 6:02 every day in order to perform reflection, meditation, and exercise.
  • Here is a familiar name, Mark Wahlberg who wakes up at 2:30 for his exercise, play golf, pray, and recover in a -100C cryo-chamber.

Some studies have also suggested that early rising and success might be linked to each other. Early risers tend to have more proactive personalities, leading to better remarks in school or profession.

What Is Considered An Early Riser?

People whose body rises at 5:30 am or earlier collectively fall under the category of an early riser. As per new research, people who woke up extremely early among us may be more common than anyone else.

Although anyone can become an early riser, all you need to do is to develop a habit of getting up early so that your body automatically rises in the morning.

Strategies To Wake Up Early

Many of us want to wake up in the morning but fail to do so, maybe because of our laziness. Here are some strategies especially for such people:-

Set your alarm a bit early: People usually put their alarm on snooze thinking that they will get up early after a few minutes. This circle of snoozing the alarm actually wastes your time. Therefore, it is good to set an alarm 15 minutes before you are planning to wake.

Secondly, in order to avoid such difficulty, try sleeping as early as possible. Once you complete your sleeping hours, you will not face difficulty in waking up as your body and mind have already consumed a sufficient dose of sleep.

Change your mindset: You can say we usually fail to wake up early because we lack motive. Motive doesn't mean anything casual. Here, it means using the extra morning in doing your passion. Passion can be anything, for some passion is exercising or for some it is cycling.

If your passion is cycling, you can trick your mind into thinking that you need to go cycling in the morning. Once you start getting up, within a week you will get used to it. Most importantly, you will start enjoying it.

Reward yourself: During the initial phase of your struggle of waking up early in the morning try giving yourself a reward for beating laziness. Appreciating your own small achievements will help you move forward in a better way.

The reward can be anything as per your like if you like having coconut water go for it in the morning itself. Appreciating yourself with rewards will make you develop more confidence so that you can trust yourself. These small activities will help you develop a feeling of self-loving; a primary step toward mental peace.

Try to sleep early: Sleeping early will help you complete your sleeping hours early. That means people who sleep early will tend to wake up early. Therefore, if you want to be an early riser, try going to bed as early as possible.

Avoid consuming spicy and heavy meals:  Spicy and heavy meals can cause heartburn or indigestion and non of them are good for good quality sleep. In case you had such a meal, try consuming fruits after it, such as mango. Fruits have fiber that helps in the process of digestion and excretion.