How Your Ice Cream Cravings May Gift You Diarrhea

If you develop loose, watery stools after eating ice cream, it might be possible that you are lactose intolerant. It means you might have an allergy to milk or have irritable bowel syndrome. Occasional diarrhea is not something to be worried about. Its causes can be stomach flu or allergy from a specific meal that you didn’t like. If you have ice cream diarrhea, you should be cautious about the preventive steps you take. Ice cream contains a lot of sugar and fat. It also has very little fiber in it. Ice cream is made up of milk and contains lactose that can trigger diarrhea anytime. Even if you develop diarrhea, avoid eating ice cream. 

 How Your Ice Cream Cravings May Gift You Diarrhea

Diarrhea is actually a reaction by your body. It is what your body does when it wants to get rid of the contents of the food that is in the digestive tract. It is your body that decides whether it would be good to expel the foods or to try and digest them. Ice Cream has so much of sugar and fat, then unless your body is in need of that much amount of concentrated nutrients, it will do away with the excess. Some ice creams contain artificial flavors as well as chemicals that could be slightly toxic to your body. If you’re lactose intolerant, you are deficient in various types of enzymes, that are responsible for digesting the lactose. If there is no lactase, the lactose remains undigested in your gut and enters your colon, where it could interact with the colon. It could lead to various medical conditions like bloating, stomach pain, cramping, diarrhea, etc. Another thing is that ice cream contains milk that contains the type of sugar that many people do not even digest properly. There are many people who do not do well with dairy products. Milk is also a known cause of acne in people who are more prone to acne. If you are having bowel problems after having ice cream, it is a clear indication that ice cream is probably not the best thing for you to eat.

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Should I stop eating ice cream?

We know it is hard for you to stop eating ice cream as the mere sound of ice cream sounds so tempting that you can’t stop yourself to grab a tub and eat it in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we recommend you to make homemade ice cream that could be prepared from frozen bananas and also dates. It will taste like ice cream and would be a lot healthier for you.

All you have to do is take a frozen banana and put it in the blender. Add some water to it. Blend it up until it becomes a thick liquid. There should not be any kind of lump in it after mixing well. Throw in some dried dates. Again blend it. You can also add a pinch of sea salt in it. Also taste it frequently while you are making it. Once it starts tasting good, you can take some blueberries, or other fruits and mix them in. Keep it in the freezer overnight or for few hours to thicken it back up. You can also add few dried fruits as well. This type of ice cream will be way healthier for you, as it does not contain any milk.

Diarrhea that usually results from eating the ice cream or dairy products can be treated effectively by avoiding dairy products. Try to mix some fruits to compensate for the dairy products for some time. If you still notice diarrhea, you can consult your doctor and get medical help. Share it with your friends and family to create awareness. Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


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