Effective And Easy Ways To Boost Metabolism


Metabolism is defined as a set of chemical reactions in the living organism that is primarily responsible for three bodily functions:

  • Conversion of food into energy
  • Conversion of food for building blocks for proteins and carbohydrates
  • Elimination of nitrogenous waste

 Effective And Easy Ways To Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is basically a series of chemical reactions that that breaks down compounds into smaller ones or build complex molecules from smaller ones. Metabolism is required in the body to get energy from the food we eat. In other terms, we can say that a metabolic pathway is categorized into two -

1. Catabolic - The breaking down of compounds to yield energy

2. Anabolic - The build up of compounds

Boosting metabolism is essential to have a healthy body and to have healthy bodily functions. To some extent metabolism in the body can be regulated through some natural ways. Some of the natural ways that can help in keeping the metabolism in the body boosted are as follows:

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in keeping metabolism strong. Over the past many years multiple studies have emphasized on the role of sleep in the regulation of energy metabolism. Both low quality of sleep and decreased quantity of sleep is closely associated with the insulin resistance, resulting in impaired glucose regulation and the development of diabetes mellitus.   

Impaired quality and quantity of sleep have an impact on the growth hormone and cortisol which has a direct impact on glucose metabolism. Impaired levels of growth hormone and cortisol in the body lead to problems with metabolism.

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Drink green tea

Green tea is one of the most healthy drinks one can have. It has a wide range of benefits on the human body as it helps in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Green tea contains many components that have a positive impact on the health and it also contains various properties such as anti-diabetic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and many more.

Consumption of green tea is also beneficial to have a normal metabolic pathway. The antidiabetic property of green tea helps in regulating the glucose level in the blood and keeps the healthy metabolic function. Also, green tea contains flavonoids and has a wide variability in flavonoid O-methylation, a major pathway of flavonoid metabolism. Studies have suggested that if you always opt for green tea, you could never be missing out on a major metabolism boost.

Use extra virgin olive oil

Using extra virgin olive oil is an effective way of boosting metabolism. There is no doubt to say that the human body requires dietary fat or healthy oils in order to function normally. The right kind of oil and nutrients in the body maximizes the metabolism in the body. Virgin olive oil contains a wide number of bioactive.

The nutritional and biological activities of extra virgin olive oil are due to the presence of the bioactives such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytosterol, squalene, pigments, and polyphenols. The high content of monounsaturated fatty acid or MUFA is the primary component in extra virgin olive oil having health-promoting effects. Multiple studies have strongly supported a fact that the bioactives present in extra virgin olive oil are beneficial in the treatment and prevention of multiple diseases.

Do some physical activity

Doing some physical activity is the best way to boost metabolism. Boosting metabolism is strongly associated with how fat the body burns calories. It has been noted that people who are obese lacks metabolism in their body and they start to lose weight, their metabolism automatically increases.

Obesity is a metabolic disorder which is characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat. The body fat has a significant impact on the metabolic rate of an individual. Regular physical activity causes to decrease the body fat and increases metabolic rate. Physical activity makes an individual healthy and healthy person has a healthy metabolic rate. Physical activity causes energy expenditure which leads to weight loss.

Also, multiple studies have agreed that physical inactivity is one of the biggest cause of


Lack of metabolism in the body. Physical inactivity indicates sedentary behavior and this kind of behavior is the major cause of obesity.

Eat breakfast

Yes!! Having breakfast each day is essential for the overall health of an individual. It is known to all that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it acts as a fuel to the body. Breakfast is actually a meal that starts up the metabolism. At night metabolic rate is low and during a morning in order to take metabolic rate of the body at the optimum level, it is essential to consume nutrients. Breakfast is the time when our body allows the intake of all the important nutrients.

Many people believe that skipping breakfast is the easiest way to lose weight and boost metabolism but it is essential to understand that this can be the worst decision of their life as it can make their condition worse by resulting in weight gain. Evidence suggests that people who skin breakfasts are at high risk of being obese.

Consume Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most consumed dairy product, not only due to its taste but also due to its high nutritional value. There are various ways through which yogurt boost metabolism, one of which is that yogurt is highly rich in protein and calcium. Intake of foods having protein is a good choice to increase metabolism in the body. It is believed that protein takes 25% more energy to digest than carbohydrates and fat. Therefore, proteins force the metabolism to speed up in order to provide extra energy that is required to digest protein.





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