Your Emotional Pain Deserves More Attention Than Physical Pain

Mental health, something that has the power to evoke optimism and all things bright when in a healthy state. To change lives. However, when its spirit is spent and its teeth are drawn, it can suck all the colours from life. When your skin is bruised, you will feel the pain for a day or two but it will eventually heal. But on the times when a person is disparaged from within, the pain takes its toll for a time that seems endless. It echoes and seems to get worse. 

Your Emotional Pain Deserves More Attention Than Physical Pain

Emotional pain becomes an even more serious issue because it is hardly spotted or acknowledged. The person sitting next to you might have cried the entire night but its the physical injury on his hand that you will notice and not the mental trauma he has been experiencing. Sometimes even the family members and friends fail to identify the battle that a mentally exhausted person has been fighting aloof. 

Emotional pain has many faces. It can take many forms beginning from the less severe one like sadness and guilt to alarmingly devastating like anxiety attacks and depression. If not treated with proper measures, emotional pain can become suicidal and may become someone’s reason to end life.

Here is why emotional pain deserves as much attention as physical pain, sometimes even more.

1. It’s suffered in Silence

If a person is injured at a roadside, plenty of people may pay their assistance to reduce the pain. However, this is not the case with the sufferers of emotional pain. Mental breakdown mostly occurs when a person is alone, even if it approaches publicly, its hardly visible or people tend to ignore. Moreover, the best way to acknowledge someone’s pain is to feel it. Not every person might have gone through the same level of mental pain as the sufferer however physical pain is experienced by everyone and is tangible.

2. It is highly recurring

Memories are what create mental pain. It is the memory of a trauma or a loss that cannot be recovered that can cause pain even after many years. Thinking of a ligament tear after years it has been healed won’t cause the pain to recur. Memories, especially pf something that hurts are difficult to forget and return to mind frequently when the emotional state is weak.

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3. Physical pain is seldom used to divert the mind from emotional pain

And this itself says a lot. Often the person going through mental distress tries to divert mind by indulging it in a different kind of pain that is less painful but significant. Hence physical pain. 

4. Emotional Pain Comes Back

While physical pain, once healed, doesn’t come back, emotional pain returns whenever similar circumstances are created. The memory of loosing a loved one at a certain place comes running back whenever you pay your visit to that place and then, it resonates. 

5. Emotional pain can damage confidence and self-esteem

Going through a painful event can have grave consequences on the morale of the person. Ruining something can result in doubt for doing that thing again. Facing a distressful sequence of events can make a person believe that everything that will happen, shall be adverse. Such incidents leave serious impressions on our minds and personality which may be lifelong. 

6. It can lead to people harming themselves

You might have come across someone who has tried to commit suicide or at least harmed hurt themselves. As mentioned earlier, physical pain can serve as a distraction from mental pain and this is the reason that a person finds escape in the sliting wrist or strangling themselves. In extreme conditions, pain becomes so excruciating that a person tends to end his life. And this is scary.

7. It can harm the body

Sometimes there is a situation where a person stores unexpressed anger within and anger releases adrenalin inside the body. Too much of adrenaline can have serious effects on the body, sometimes even bursting of nerves. Crying a lot can lead to migraine and dehydration

Emotional pain may sound like something that can be brought under control with little efforts but it goes down a lot deeper than it sounds. If you notice someone suffering in silence, try your best to share as much pain as you can. 

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