Facts About Your Nasty Dry Cough


Dry cough is a common condition affecting a lot of people. It basically involves coughing without the involvement of mucus. Dry cough is a common condition which is caused by multiple factors. Not only is it a sign of an underlying serious condition, it surely disturbs one’s day to day activities. Read on to find out how to give an ultimatum to the dry cough.


What is Dry Cough?


Cough is a reflex which is produced in response to a stimulus affecting the respiratory passage of humans. It is responsible for clearing the passage from irritants which have entered into the passage from the environment. Also, it helps in the removal of mucus from the passage. There are two types of cough- DRY or WET. A wet cough involves the production of a slimy substance called mucus. Mucus is a protective substance which is produced excessively during wet cough. This is then expelled out. In a classic case of dry cough, mucus production is unaffected. Although, in certain cases, underproduction of mucus can lead to the appearance of dry cough.

 Facts About Your Nasty Dry Cough


What are the Causes of Dry Cough?


1. Being Asthmatic


Asthma is a serious health ailment which involves the swelling up of the air passage. Asthma patients have difficulty during the violent attacks of asthma. Asthma-related coughs show cardinal signs of dry cough. A special type of Asthma called Cough Induced Asthma is specially related to dry cough.

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2. Underproduction of Mucus

Mucus underproduction is one of the main causes of dry cough. During normal infections of rhinitis and fever, the membranes coating your nasal passage get warmer. 

This causes the mucus to be thick in consistency and limited in quantity. The unsatisfactory levels of mucus cause irritation to the nasal chambers. Mucus is essential in trapping particles which can initiate a cough. Hence, if the mucus cover is underproduced, more particles get in the passage and hence excessive cough is produced.

3. Infection by a Virus

Viral infection is one of the most important and common causes of dry cough. Dry cough lasts for a week in this case. The viruses infecting the respiratory pathway are stubborn in their mode of action. Coughing increases the irritation of the nasal passage. 

The duration of cough is long and the treatment requires a lot of patience.

4. Environmental Factors


Pollution is on the rise today. Not only smoke and gaseous particles, mold, and pollen are also the main causes of dry cough. Sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide (substances involved in the development of acid rain) are also instrumental in producing dry cough.


5. Lung Cancer


A chronic case of dry cough may depict the underlying cause of lung cancer. The cough lasts for a longer period of time. It normally affects the people who smoke a lot. In case you develop a pain in your chest while coughing, spit up blood during coughing or an unusual episode of shortening of breath, make sure you get yourself checked from your health provider.

Cough is an irritating condition which is mainly protective action! Hence, anytime you cough, remind yourself that your body is fighting back fiercely!




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