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  1. Everything About Dust Mite Allergy

    Everything About Dust Mite Allergy

    Dust mites are tiny microscopic bugs that dwell in house dust. They require a warm and humid atmosphere that is present in the house dust of every continent of the world except Antarctica. A house can have millions of dust mites, which triggers asthma and several types of allergies. The skin cells shed by pets and people can be observed in the depths of fabric surfaces like carpets and couches. We cannot eradicate dust mites from our home completely. But, we can follow some steps to get rid of the allergy-causing arthropods to some extent.

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  2. SARS - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

    SARS - Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) is one of the deadly diseases transmitted around the world in the year 2003.  A family of viruses causes this respiratory illness and is a dangerous form of Pneumonia. SARS virus causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. When a person coughs, sneezes, or maintains close contact, he can transmit the disease. 

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  3. The Fundamentals Of Pain Relief

    The Fundamentals Of Pain Relief

    No one knows your pain better than yourself. The pain you experience can be of great assistance to make a plan for its management. The pain of every person differs from one another. The type of treatment that works perfectly well in someone else’s case may not be appropriate for you. 

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  4. What Do You Need To Know About Gangrene?

    What Do You Need To Know About Gangrene?

    When a body tissue doesn’t get a sufficient amount of blood, it dies and leads to a condition called gangrene. It usually affects the body parts that are far away from the heart, for example, fingers and toes. Although other body parts, as well as the internal organs, may also get affected. Gangrene typically begins at a specific body part and then spread to other regions. When left untreated, it can make you go into shock. Your blood pressure level may go down, and the condition could be fatal.

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  5. Polio: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

    Polio: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

    Polio can easily lead to death and paralysis, but most people don’t get to recognize many symptoms of it. Polio is short for PolioMyelitis is a highly infectious disorder caused by the poliovirus. The infection attacks the nervous system of a person. Polio is caused by a highly contagious virus called poliovirus, as discussed in the previous section of the article. It usually transmits through fecal-oral contact. It occurs mainly by the consumption of contaminated food or water or by improper washing of hands.

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  6. Lupus And Life Expectancy

    Lupus And Life Expectancy

    There is no cure for lupus, and so many new patients often ask the question, “how long one can live with lupus.” Lupus was very deadly before, sometime around 1955. Nearly 50% of the people diagnosed with the disease could live for more than four years. Recent surveys demonstrated that several people with lupus have been living for up to 40 years.

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  7. Hypothermia: Everything About It

    Hypothermia: Everything About It

    Hypothermia refers to a condition when a body loses heat faster than it produces, causing a seriously low body temperature. Average body temperature lies somewhere around 37 °C, and hypothermia occurs when the temperature falls below 35 °C. As the body temperature drops, it leads to poor functioning of the heart, nervous system, and other organs. Hypothermia is a critical condition that can cause the utter failure of your heart and respiratory system, and ultimately death.

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  8. All You Need To Know About Infectious Diseases

    All You Need To Know About Infectious Diseases

    These are the disorders that are caused by an invasion of specific pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Several organisms dwell within and outside our bodies. Most of them are harmless or even provide us with certain benefits. Some infectious disorders spread from person to person while others spread through some insects or animals.

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  9. Best 09 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

    Best 09 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

    Winters! The time of festivals, fun and enjoyment. But, you can’t overlook the number of injuries and illnesses that the season brings with its arrival. The months of cold bring cold, seasonal flu and other infections along with it. So, we are here with an article that has the complete details of how one can stay healthy this season. Just continue reading and unveil the details on the same. 

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  10. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    When there is the backflow of acid present in the stomach to the esophagus, acid reflux occurs. The esophagus is a thin tube that connects the mouth from the stomach. 

    Acid reflux can lead to agility in the esophagus. Many people experience this frequently. When the condition occurs more than twice a week, consult your healthcare specialists straightaway.

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