Habits to make your life better this new year

It is the beginning of a new year and with it comes another chance to make another failed attempt at sticking to your new year resolutions. But fret not as some simple life changing habits have been listed below which you can actually follow and have time for!

These easy and great lifestyle habits will help you along on the path to health and wellness.

 Habits to make your life better this new year

Quit or take a break from social media

Being online on social media apps have become too constant, and everyone these days is focusing all their time online. It is time for that change now. If you cannot bring yourself to quit for a few weeks, then at least take breaks and spend shorter amounts of time on social media.

Being on social media takes away all your attention which you can spend on your work and family instead. Focus your energy on things that actively add to your life. Search and commit to any good habits and devote some of your time to it. When at family gatherings, lock your phone away and lose yourself among your close ones. It is time to look up from the screen and appreciate the finer things in life.

Catching up with your friends, shopping online, posting snaps on Instagram all take up hours of your time each day. It can become distracting, and you will lose interest in your work. Once you try and stop spending all this time online, your day will become easier to deal with and less tiring.

To motivate yourself to finish some tasks you need to do and only then allow yourself a little time to check your apps. You must try to balance your work life and social media life. Open your social media apps only after you have done some useful work and crossed off items from your to-do list.

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Work on it now; do not postpone

Procrastinating is a huge curse, and it is time you dealt with it head-on. If there is some work, you can complete in less than five minutes or so then complete it immediately. Just do it and cross it off your to-do list. 

You will be surprised how much work you can get done in a day this way. This will completely change the way you work and your time management skills. When you get that procrastinating urge, push through and try your level best to finish it.

Skincare routine, before and after sleep

Do a skin care routine before bed every night. Never go to bed without washing your face. Cleanse and gently massage your face. This will prevent breakouts and will also help reduce stress and relax you before sleeping.

After waking up, make your bed. Do this every morning! This sets a productive tone for the day and makes your life feel less cluttered.

Go for long walks in the morning for a few minutes. The cool fresh air will relax your body and mind. You will feel more energized to start the day and you will be in a good mood. 

Do some stretches before sleeping and also when you wake up. Performing some basic stretches will relax your muscles. It will help relieve and prevent back pains, sore necks, and will help strengthen the muscles.

See a therapist

If you feel your mental health slipping and need someone to talk to then consider visiting a therapist. If you are prone to anxiety attacks or just having a hard time dealing with an exhausting lifestyle then go to a therapist. 

Talking or thinking of going to a therapist is not a bad thing, and it means you are more interested in taking charge of your life. Sometimes talking to friends and family may not be enough, and you might need to look for better options to deal with all the baggage you carry. Talking to a qualified therapist can help you deal with any problems you are facing, and you will have more sanity in maintaining your life.

Never miss breakfast and drink plenty of water!

You cannot underestimate the importance of a healthy breakfast every single morning. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep providing your body with vital nutrients to start the day with and will keep you energized throughout the day. Consume some healthy breakfast foods every day like oatmeal with yogurt, eggs, and cereals.

And most importantly drink plenty of water and other fluids like fruit juices. This will keep your body hydrated and help your body function in top form. Keeping your water bottle with you at all times is a good habit and you can sip on it all day long.

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