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  1. Plastic Surgery: 10 Popular Types, Benefits, and Risks

    Plastic surgery types

    There are many different types of cosmetic surgeries (including surgical and non-surgical procedures) offered by surgeons worldwide. If you've heard or read about it somewhere and are eager to learn more about it, you have arrived at the perfect place. Here we will be discussing some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries everyone should know about, along with their benefits and risks.

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  2. What Should You Know About Bad Cholesterol?

    Bad cholesterol

    The term cholesterol is used very commonly among people, but do you know what exactly cholesterol is? Why is cholesterol so important in maintaining good health? What is bad cholesterol? What can raise your cholesterol levels, and how can you reduce them? If you are seeking answers to such questions, read on, and get answers to each of your questions.

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  3. What Is Ovulation: 08 Ovulation Symptoms To Identify Your Most Fertile Time

    Ovulation Symptoms

    Let’s get to the basics - What happens when you ovulate? You may have learned long back in the health class that ovulation is the phase in the cycle when a mature egg is liberated from the ovary, laying the foundation for fertilization.

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  4. 09 Really Good Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar

    Stop eating sugar

    Want to lose belly fat? Get younger-looking skin? And long-lasting energy? We’ve found a one-stop solution that will let you achieve all this without a hitch. Curious to reveal the solution?

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  5. Boost Your Self-Confidence With These 08 Best Psoriasis Skin Care Tips

    Psoriasis skin care

    You must have heard a famous proverb - “Beauty is more than skin deep”, meaning there’s more to being physically attractive than just good looks. But when you live with a visible skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, it can be way too challenging to remember and believe that beauty isn’t solely geared towards your outward appearance as these conditions completely shatter your confidence and self-image. 

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  6. Is Masturbation Wrong?


    Masturbation is the activity that involves stimulation of genital organs through hands for sexual pleasure. It is a natural and safe way to explore your body. It is so common that it occurs to every person, irrespective of background, gender, and races. Despite some of the myths, there are no harmful side effects of masturbation. However, excess of anything is terrible, even excess masturbation, and can harm your relationship and everyday life.

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  7. Impotence And Sterility: Know The Difference

    Impotence And Sterility

    Impotence and sterility are two different terms with different meanings, but both affect a man’s ability to have children. Before we start with the differences, let's know the meaning of both terms. Impotence, also called erectile dysfunction, is the inability of a man to attain enough firm erection to stimulate sexual intercourse. Such sexual dysfunction makes it difficult or sometimes impossible to have sexual intercourse as a man is not able to fulfill the initial step to intercourse.

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  8. Do You Have Protein Deficiency? Recognize The Hidden Signs!

    protein deficiency

    Protein is a vital macronutrient found in various animal and plant-based foods. The body requires protein to develop and repair body tissues, including skin, muscles, hair, and nails. Proteins also act as a cornerstone for hormones and enzymes in the body. Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are 22 types of amino acids, although the body cannot produce nine of them, and so we should get them through diet.

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  9. Are You Passionate Or Addicted? Spot The Difference!

    Addiction in current generation

    When we talk about "addiction", alcohol and drugs strike in the minds of most of the people. Undoubtedly, they create addiction, but are they the only substances that can be addictive? Can certain behaviours be categorized as "addictive behaviours"? Read the complete article and get answers to all the questions running on your mind regarding addiction and addictive behaviours.

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  10. Precautions To Take While Using Public Restroom

    covid 19 precautions

    Public restrooms can be really useful especially when you are far away from your home! But with thousands of people using it every day, there is a good chance that our body might get exposed to millions of various bacteria. Public bathrooms mostly provide all the necessary amenities. With some of the institutes or malls cleaning and sanitizing the floors and sinks but still there can be hours in between where one can suspect the spread of the virus and other infectious diseases.

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