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  1. How is Communication Key to Unlock a Healthy Relationship?

    Communication is key

    Relationships are not a bed of flowers to walk on. There will be thorns too. In addition, each relationship has its own distinctive set of factors moulding the path. A healthy relationship starts with self-introspection. Patience and communication are only the pillars of it. Relationships become much healthy and easier to deal with if conflicts are avoided with proper communication. A strong communication lays the field of a firm and joyful relationship to grow on. It all boils down to the following: 'Communication is key.'

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  2. What Are The Best Trust Building Exercises For Couples?

    Best Trust Building Exercises For Couples

    Trust is an important pillar of healthy relationships. Without trust, the foundation of your relationship starts crumbling. If you happened to read this post, the chances are that something happened between you and your partner, and you are now finding ways to manage it. But hey, fortunately, you’ve landed in the right place. 

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  3. 09 Incredibly Awesome Ways To Overcome Insecurities In A Relationship

    Insecurities in a relationship

    What is insecurity? It is an inner feeling of being insufficient or terrified in some way. If I am right, most of us have dealt with insecurities in our lives at one time or another. While it's absolutely normal to have feelings of self-doubt once in a while, chronic insecurities can vandalize your success in life and can specifically be detrimental to your intimate relationship. Chronic insecurities abduct your mental peace and prevent you from engaging with your partner in an authentic manner. 

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  4. Saying No To Sex When Not In Mood Is A Sign Of Healthy Relationship

    saying no to sex

    Honesty is the best policy. Being honest with your partner is always right. If you have a mutual understanding between you and your partner, you don't have to overthink this topic much. But it is almost next to impossible to understand other relationships as it involves many parameters. This article will help you express yourself honestly by saying no to sex if you are not in the mood.

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  5. How To Keep Romance Alive If Your Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction Or Low Sex Drive

    keeping romance alive during erectile dysfunction

    An erectile dysfunction diagnosis can affect more than just you and your penis. The reality is that ED can play a major role in your relationship and completely change your sex life. You might be wondering how you can keep your relationship and romance alive while living with erectile dysfunction. It may be difficult at times, but you and your partner can work together in continuing to grow and maintain your relationship, both physically and emotionally.

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  6. This is How You Can Help Your Partner Overcome ED

    erectile dysfunction, what should a partner do

    Does your partner have erectile dysfunction? Are you looking for the best ways to support him? Then congrats, you have come to the right place. This article can be a great source of help for partners looking for tips to support their partners with erectile dysfunction (ED). First of all, ED (also called impotence) is not uncommon these days. In fact, most men experience it after the age of 25 years, although occasionally. Secondly, dealing with ED is not easy for anyone. Having a loving and supportive partner like you, who is seeking ways to help your partner is extremely rare and beautiful.

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  7. Do relationships have an ideal age difference?

    Should there be any age gap between couples in relationship? Find out

    According to a study, couples with an age gap of one-year have a meagre three percent chance of getting divorced. When you go up the age difference of up to five years, the possibility of divorce goes up to 18 percent. An age gap of a decade is 39 percent, and a 20-year age gap has an alarming 95 percent chance of ending in separation. This research analysed over 3,000 couples and concluded that the greater the age gap between a couple, the more probable they are to get divorced. 

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  8. 08 Healthy Relationship Habits People Think Are Toxic

    08 Healthy Relationship Habits People Think Are Toxic

    In today’s era, it is not at all easy to determine whether a relationship is healthy or toxic. Most people think that a healthy relationship is one in which the two of the partners love each other a lot; they cuddle with each other, kiss very often and hardly ever fight. 

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  9. Why it is not important to win every argument for good life management?

    Why it is not important to win every argument for good life management?

    There are some very important life management skills which all of us should poses. Some of the skill includes anger management, soft skill management, public speaking, group discussions etiquettes and many more. It is said by our elders many times that winning of every argument is not necessary all the time.

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  10. Problems that may affect emotional understanding with your partner

    Problems that may affect emotional understanding with your partner

    In every couple’s life the emotional understanding, sentimental intimacy and emotional openness is a very important and major requirement for a successful relationship. The importance of emotional understanding is as important as the physical relationship between both man and woman in married life.

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