Why Have Heart Attacks Become More Prevalent In Recent Times

With a deadly rise every year, heart attacks and related heart diseases have become the biggest cause of death worldwide. An estimated 610,000 people the United States die of heart attacks every year. In India too, more than 2 million deaths every year are due to this menace. It occurs more commonly in men than in women. Even in the presence of advanced medical facility and effective drugs, only about 24% of the victims survive. Although attacks occur in people above 40 years of age, it can also occur within younger age groups due to reasons like exorbitant smoking, inordinate stress or congenital heart defects.

Why Have Heart Attacks Become More Prevalent In Recent Times

Heart attack, also known as Myocardial Infarction, is basically caused due to the blockage in one or more coronary arteries, which provide blood to the walls of the heart. The blockage is mainly due to fats or cholesterol build ups, preventing the proper flow of blood. Longer the symptoms go unnoticed, more are the damages done to the amount and intensity of blockage, the most common symptoms include pain and tightness near the chest region, nausea, heartburn and sudden dizziness or lightheadedness. Without any delay the victim should be rushed to the hospital, since delay can cause fatality.

With the advancement in the field of medicine, there is also a proliferation in major health issues, especially related to the heart. Most of them are due to noxious lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. The biggest reason behind heart attack relates to high blood cholesterol levels also known as Atherosclerosis. The increase in cholesterol in the blood stream narrows the arteries due to the deposition of cholesterol globules in the inner lining of arteries, thus preventing blood flow. Enormous intake of oily and fatty food including red meat, full-fat dairy products, cookies, crackers and packaged food, on a regular basis leads to an increased cholesterol level and obesity. Alongside, not including healthy fibers and protein-rich food like green vegetables, beans, oats, fruits and nuts, also adds up to high cholesterol. Hence, maintaining a healthy diet is of utmost importance despite the day’s busy schedule in order to prevent oneself from deadly heart diseases. Immoderate smoking an intake of alcohol contribute to one of the biggest factors of heart attack during recent times. Smoking damages the inner lining of arteries, making them prone to the advent of fatty cells and cholesterol and their successive build up. Alcohol on the other hand increases the blood pressure. Majority of people (mostly above 40 years of age) who consume alcohol on a daily basis suffer from hypertension. This puts them under high risk for different heart diseases particularly stroke. Hypertension has become a contributing factor for a wide range of diseases which cause millions of deaths across the globe. Apart from smoking and drinking, a wide range of individuals are addicted to uncongenial drugs. Most illegal drugs have harsh effects on the central nervous system, besides causing cardiovascular problems. Drugs such as cocaine and heroin affect the nervous system, heart and the entire immune system, leading the victim to the death bed. They may cause sudden or slowed heart blockage and failure. 

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Now comes the most notorious risk factor of any disease in today’s exasperated century – Stress. One of the leading causes of death worldwide, stress and stress related mental issues are also a reason behind heart failures. With an increase in the complexity and decadence of the society, man tends to yield to stress. Be it a child or an adult, none is unaware of this demon. Firstly, stress increases the blood pressure. Constant stress and tension may lead to augmented hypertension, increasing the risk of stroke. Stress is a mental condition which leads to elevated levels of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These not-so-good hormones affect the entire human body in a number of ways, including abnormal changes in the behavior of blood clotting. The worst part is that stress can affect any cohort of mankind; hence young individuals can also be at a risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases due to it. Family history of heart attacks also increases the risk in the successors of the family. They have a chance of suffering from heart diseases or failure at some point of their life. 

Though a widespread issue, one might be safe from heart diseases and attacks if he/she follows a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, physical activities, prevention of smoking and drinking and a stress- free attitude is all that one needs to prevent himself from any kind of heart-related issue.