Attention Men! Here Are The 5 Major Threats To Your Life

Men, when it comes to healthcare, lag behind women from a great margin. Bodybuilding is extensively rampant in the current generation’s adult males but working out is not what healthcare is all about. It makes no big difference if you are doing one right for ten wrongs. The healthy longevity depends on many factors including habits, routine, diet, sleep, even the mindset and it is the balance of all that determines the healthy living of an individual. 

If you have been following a healthy lifestyle and according to you, there is nothing that can go wrong with your health, still it is wise to know about all that can kill you for the times when the storm hits. 

Attention Men! Here Are The 5 Major Threats To Your Life

Here is the list of five major health conditions that are proven to be the major threats for the life of a man.

1. Lung Cancer

Do you know what the worst part about this demon is? It comes silently and doesn’t leave a single sign until serious damage is done. And this is just one reason why lung cancer is one disease that you should definitely be cautious about. 20 out of 100 men in America, smokes while 15 women among every 100 are indulged in the act. Therefore, men are more vulnerable to lung cancer. 

Apart from smoking, lung cancer can also be the result of tobacco consumption. Once the cells start growing abnormally in the organ, they start forming a tumour and eventually, start traveling in the entire body. Generally, lung cancer induces the growth of a pseudo hormone, a syndrome called paraneoplastic syndrome and exhibits the following symptoms in an individual-

  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Muscle weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of focus and weak memory
  • Coma
  • The high sugar level in the body, etc. 

2. Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are generally characterized with hardening of arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis. Heart attack, strokes, shrinking of arteries, heart failure, etc. have been noted as the leading cause of deaths among both men, though it is very much common in women too. Cardiovascular diseases can be the result of genetic mutation or genetic disposition. Sometimes, the condition also develops due to some other underlying primary health disorder like diabetes, valvular heart disease, liver cirrhosis, etc. However, the major reasons for heart diseases are imbalanced lifestyle, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, stress, etc. 

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3. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has been noted as the fastest-growing reason behind the death of men, worldwide. In America alone, 1 out of 9 men suffers from the disorder. However early detection of the disease makes it highly curable. Prostate Cancer is the disease that 80 percent of men develop naturally with the advancement of age. It is caused due to the abnormal growth of cells in the prostate gland that infiltrate the nearby organs and eventually travels to the entire body, thus turning the disorder into a firing squad. 

Studies have shown that in the next 110 years, almost half of the men of the would be the victim to the demon of the above-mentioned glandular cancer. If this doesn’t ring a bell in your brain, we don’t know what would.

4. Diabetes

Another health disorder that has taken the world of men’s health by storm. In the times of cut-throat competition where people hardly have time to sit and introspect on health, most of the diseases are the outcome of the reckless lifestyle of the urbanites. Diabetes can be defined as the disease where the level of sugar rises considerably in blood. The hormone called insuline that helps in regulating the sugar level in the body is first produced in excessive amount followed by scarce production of the same, therefore, increasing the amount of sugar in the body. The major cause of diabetes is obesity. In order to take preventive measures against the disease, one should take expedient to keep the weight under control. Make sure to eat healthily and introduce workout as part of your drill.

5. Depression

Physical diseases hold a great plausibility of killing a person but mental diseases are no less. In fact, what goes wrong in the head cannot be seen or felt by others. The sufferer faces it in silence unless the beans are spilt before a confidant. Men, largely, are more prone to die because of depression because talking about a weak mental condition is linked to emasculation. Thanks to societal taboos. However, it is important to acknowledge that men too get stress and suffer from a mental breakdown. It is completely normal for every human who is living and kicking, the problem arises when the condition is stereotyped. Reach out for the men you know who are agonizing soundlessly.  If you are the one, find out someone you can confide in and talk to them. Do yourself a favour by consulting a professional and always believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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