Home Remedies to Treat the Christmas Tree Rash

Pityriasis Rosea is a very common condition which is characterized by a scaly rash on the body. The entire disease is bifurcated into three stages. The first stage includes an appearance of the Herald patch (the first patch). The patch is raised and mainly appears on the chest, abdomen or the back. This is usually called the ‘mother patch.’ The smaller patches, which form later during the upcoming weeks, are called the ‘daughter patches.’ These patches are around a centimeter in size. The development and occurrence of patches usually occur in the form of small batches. 

home remedies for Pityriasis Rosea

Why is the rash called the 'Christmas Tree Rash'?

The rash appears in the form of a vertical and angled pattern on the back. This is highly similar to the shape of a Christmas tree. This is the reason as to why it is named after the Christmas tree.

Home Remedies to Treat the Christmas tree Rash:

The rash is always limited in action. People should always be patient enough to let the rash pass on its own. Although, there might be times when the rash turns excessively itchy. During these periods of distress, make sure to use these methods to treat the rash.

Treat yourself to an Oatmeal Bath.

The best temperature at which the skin is comfortable is around 37 degree Celsius. Always make sure that you take a bath in cool or lukewarm water. Hot water causes the rash to flare further. While indulging in a warm water bath, add oatmeal to the water. The oatmeal helps in the reduction of the rash and also in soothing the skin. The avenanthramides are special compounds present in oatmeal which provide immediate and strong anti-inflammatory effects. The oatmeal is also responsible for the reduction of the itchy sensation caused by the rash.

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Use Aloe Vera

Moisture is an important factor which helps in the removal of the rash. Aloe Vera is one of the most known natural moisturizers. Along with providing moisture, Aloe Vera is instrumental in providing potent anti-inflammatory effects. The sap found in the leaves of this gel-like plant soothe the skin and provide a cooling effect too. Aloe Vera is rich in a number of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. All these components are highly responsible in making your skin rash-free

Exposure to Natural Light.

Researchers have found that exposure to ultraviolet light provides relief to most of the rashes. The ultraviolet light can be provided by an artificial lamp at times. But, the most potent way is to use natural sunlight. Natural sunlight helps to fade out the rash in various ways. Around 10 minutes of sunlight daily can help you avoid these rashes.

Stay Moisturized

Hot showers or long swimming pool sessions suck out every inch of moisture present in your skin. The overheated skin eventually turns dry. Rashes usually persist in these areas. Make sure that you stay extremely moisturized and hydrated at all times. Always take a bath after a workout session!

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