Home Remedies for Green Nail Syndrome

Green Nail Syndrome is a condition associated with the sudden discoloration of a nail from white to green. Though it is painless, it decreases the cosmetic value of the nail. It is mainly caused due to the formation of colonies of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. The color is produced below the nail (on the nail bed), hence it can’t be scratched off or washed away.

In case you have been observing a greenish tinge on your nail bed recently, read on to find out the best possible ways to eliminate this infection at home.

 Home Remedies for Green Nail Syndrome

1. Use Vinegar Solution

This is the initial treatment for Green Nail Syndrome. Vinegar is a potent bactericidal agent (a substance which kills bacteria). Hence, when it is applied to the affected area, the Pseudomonas bacteria are destroyed.

The best way to use this is:

Mix vinegar and water in the ratio 1:6. The ratio can be adjusted according to the concentration of the vinegar being used. 

After mixing, soak your feet (or hands) in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Make sure that all the nails are completely submerged inside the mixture.

After 10 minutes, remove your legs and dry them completely. This step is very important. Bacteria (especially Pseudomonas) loves a moist environment. Hence, be sure that there isn’t a trace of moisture left on your toes.

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2. Dry Off Your Nails After a Bath

I am sure everyone likes to relax after a relaxing bath or a dive in the pool. The moisture trapped in the nails after a bath or a session of swimming serves as the breeding ground for the bacterium in question. Moist nails are also instrumental in being vulnerable to certain types of fungal infections.

Always make sure that you wipe your feet, nails and the space between your fingers to keep your feet fungus and bacteria free.

3. Do Not Scratch Your Nails

Scratching your nails (especially fingernails) is a common practice among women. Scratching provides a detrimental effect to the upper layer of the nails. This makes the nails brittle and weak. The slightest of trauma might result in the breaking of the nail. This is a matter of risk when it comes to bacterial or fungal infections. Any exposed area is at the greatest risk of being infected.

4. Control Your Diet

Weak and brittle nails are mainly accounted by a poor nutrition. Proteins are required in the growth of healthy nails. A deficiency of proteins can lead to serious nail implications. The color of nails can change in accordance to the dietary intake.

In order to maintain healthy nails, you should have a good intake of Vitamin A (carrots, beetroots, etc.), Vitamin C ( lemon, orange, etc.), Folic Acid and Vitamin K.

If your diet is deficient in any of the above mentioned foods, try to incorporate maximum foods containing them.

Vitamin supplementation can be taken in severe cases. Although, it is not recommended.

Hope these points help you garner a safe and healthy future for your nails.

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