Home remedies to treat Chicken Skin

Chicken skin is a common cosmetic condition which is harmless in nature. It is usually observed in the form of small little bumps on the areas consisting of thick skin. Although, this is the common spread pattern, these bumps can practically occur anywhere on the body. Most people report this during the winter months. During the summer, the bumps seem to heal up on their own.

This is mainly caused due to the fact that winters dries up the skin. The skin starts to lose all of its moisture. This leads to the accumulation of keratin in the hair follicles of the skin. During summer, most of the keratin gets washed away due to the moisturized skin.

 Home remedies to treat Chicken Skin

If you have faced such conditions, consider these tips which would certainly help you in treating this harmless yet annoying skin condition.

1. Treat yourself to a Milk Bath!

Although it might seem like a dream too good to come true, taking a full milk bath is of great help in case you have chicken skin. It is well known that milk is an excellent natural cleansing agent. People since the time of Mohenjo Daro have been using milk to clean wounds. Milk contains natural contents which usually aid in the cleaning of skin. Lactic acid is one of the main constituents of milk which helps in destruction of these small tiny bumps. 

The best possible way to indulge in a milk bath is as follows: Add an equal amount of water to the milk in a bath tub. Make sure the water is warm. This is made sure as cold water dries up the skin excessively, while hot water causes the skin to flare up. Now, remove your clothes and soak inside the tub for ten minutes. Feel free to repeat this procedure over and over again.

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2. Apply Lemon Juice on the Affected Area

Fresh lemon juice is very beneficial to the skin. The juice can be used efficiently and directly onto the affected area of skin. Make sure you rub the juice on the bumps with the help of the pulp of lemon. The juice along with the pulp helps in removing the accumulated keratin. The lemon juice is instrumental in de-clogging the filled pores. 

An added advantage to this procedure involves the disappearance of scars which are caused due the bumps formed during this condition. These are nasty scars and do not go away on their own. Lemons have special constituents which help in the disappearance of these scars.

3. Use a Yogurt Pack

Yogurt, like milk, contains a large number of bioactive compounds which aid in the clearing up of skin. Yogurt is rich in bacteria and lactic acid. Yogurt is also used by many people to smoothen their skin after a rough weekend or a rough day. It is the most natural way of awarding yourself a smooth skin. Make sure you mix a pinch of salt into the yogurt before applying it to the affected area.

4. Rub the affected area with Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E improves the health of the skin by improving the tone and texture of the skin. It can provide an immediate relief from the chicken skin.

I am sure that if you try these remedy techniques, you will surely get rid of these small bumps.

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