5 house cleaning tips to ease asthma symptoms


It’s time for neighborhood parties, outdoor sporting events. Now that summer has officially announced its arrival, your social calendar will undoubtedly fill up with the fun-in-the-sun activities. Most people welcome this opportunity by being outside after the winters. But this arrival is also rough for allergy sufferers. Keeping a house clean is not always easy when kids are involved but it may be worth striving for if your kid is suffering from asthma. According to a new report published by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, dusty homes play a vital role in triggering the symptoms of asthma in children. Dust settles in cluttered areas that are hard to clean. Your allergies can also make it tricky to keep your house clean.

 5 house cleaning tips to ease asthma symptoms

You would have probably read many articles that offer tips to prevent allergy symptoms. But, you might not know that keeping a clean house can help you keep the onslaught of symptoms away.

We’ve compiled the list of some best cleaning tips to rid your home sweet home of allergens:

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1. Clean the air: Are you or your children allergic to pollen? In that case, keep your windows closed during the season of pollen, even if the weather is great. Otherwise, you might wake up sneezing. Pollen can slip into your home, shoes, clothes sneakily. When you climb into bed at night, you also bring the allergens along with you. Even if you were outside for few seconds, tiny pollen can attach to your hair or clothes. You can change your clothes before going to bed. Shampoo or shower nightly to rinse all the pollen from your body. You can also wash your bedding in hot water once a week.

2. Trap and Kill Dust Mites: It’s not just dust that you get allergic to. Dust also contains dirt and dead skin cells. Tiny creatures called dust mites can also spread the problem. There are various types of dust mites that bury deeply into pillows, beds, upholstered furniture as well as carpets. You could replace carpet with wood, vinyl floors or tiles. They are known to be a much simpler solution. Also, you can wash all the linens, blankets or pillow cases. Water also kill dust mites.

3. Clear your A/C registers and ducts: Grab your vacuum and clean the dust that’s built up on your air conditioner registers. You can also do a visual inspection of the register by taking the ducts out. If the ducts are full of dust, or you see any kind of molds, call a professional service to clean your ducts.

4. Protect yourself when you are clean: If you are clean and suddenly you start sneezing, or getting a runny nose, ask your family to step up and ask for help to avoid allergy from getting worse. You can also take an over-the-counter medication like antihistamines. You can also buy a mask from a hardware store or an online pharmacy. This mask can filter out at least 95% of particles in the air.

5. Tackle the floors: Carpets are something that traps allergens. Once or twice a week, you’ll need to break out your vacuum cleaner. Especially if you have pets. Make sure that the vacuum you are using should have a filter, otherwise you’ll just be stirring the allergens. Some vacuum cleaners do not filter. They just throw the allergens in the air. HEPA filters are the ones that trap more of the dirt that the machine sucks in. It could be pricey but helps a lot in avoiding the symptoms of asthma.

While it’s completely impossible to allergy-proof your home, these cleaning tips will help prevent your allergies from acting up. If you know of any allergy-preventing cleaning tip, share it in the comment section below.

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