How do Pets affect our lifestyle?


Doesn’t it feel incredible to be greeted at your doorstep with your cute fur balls of happiness or the twittering delights sitting in the cage? Even the colorful amusements in the aquarium are a pleasure to the eye!


Human beings have embraced pets be it small or large (or very large at times!), since the dawn of time. The human-animal bond was considered sacred as well as highly beneficial. Pets have been utilized for a wide range of tasks. But with the growing complexity and hectic temperament of life, people have refrained from keeping pets. Yet pet lovers, no matter what, go to great extends to liven up their homes and lives with them. U.S ranks the list of pet lovers with a whopping 68% of the population owning pets and considering them as a part of the family. The most common pets include Labradors, cats and freshwater fishes, out of which fresh water fishes top the list with 142 million people keeping them as pets.

 How do Pets affect our lifestyle?


In the present day, the most common reason behind owning pets is because they act as brilliant stress busters. Pets provide comfort, camaraderie as well as motivation. Studies have proven that people who own pets are usually stress-free, jovial and induce good sleep. Coming home to happy wagging tails, after a day of toil and work relieves people of strain and anxiety. Even stroking or cuddling with your pets respites nervous tension and imparts the release of happy hormones which stabilize blood pressure and rate of heart beat, calm the mind and strengthen the immune system. Besides, pets also play a major role in promoting socialization and bonding. Pet owners are known to possess better bonding skills with other individuals and as well as carry a fun-loving nature. Since the human mind and body is heavily dependent on the emotional stature of a person, pets help people to maintain a healthy life.


Secondly, pets are a great means of recreation. It is unquestionably better to spend time adoring and amusing oneself in the lively aura of pets rather than being engrossed in one’s smartphones and the virtual world. They not only amuse us but also bring us close to nature and its intricate marvels. The enthusiasm of canines, the sulkiness yet adorability of felines, the soothing chirrups of aves and all the other little spectacles of these gifts of Mother Nature eradicate the boredom of the ambience. Besides, animals are a good companion for people in their old age. Since it is tough to kill time in old age and moreover kids are not available all the time, pets tend to become a constant companion. It keeps them motivated, active and full of energy. Studies have also proven that elderly people who spend time with pets have low chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Incredible, isn’t it?

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But, all good things do come with a few strands of dejection. Maintaining healthy pets is not only pricey but also requires a lot of time and energy. Not only are some breeds expensive to buy, but also require a lot of high-priced goods and foodstuffs for their well being. Pet food nowadays, is on the steeper side of the pocket. Besides, animals require regular visits to the vet in order to get them vaccinated and safeguard the entire family from deadly diseases like distemper, heartworms, plague, cat scratch fever and many more. Moreover, animal litter being highly infectious should be disposed regularly. The shelter should be cleaned regularly and small children must be prevented from messing with the shelters and litter. Although pets are compassionate and loving, they can also turn vulnerable in the most unpredictable moments. We can never be completely sure how an animal would behave in a particular situation. Even highly trained pets tend to lose control of their masters. There have been many cases when pets have attacked their owners (even to death) on sensing threats. Hence, one should be highly alert of any animal present at home, even if it has been in the family for long years. They should be handled with utmost care and affection. They should not be messed up with when they are in a not-so-good mood.


Hence, pet animals if taken proper care of turn out to be an extremely integral and beneficial part of our lives. With hundreds of boons, these miracles of Nature help us to lead a stress-free, jovial and quality life.






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