How I helped my husband to cure his Erectile Dysfunction?

Let me tell you straight away, it was not as easy as they show in T.V. commercials. It takes a lot of understanding, dedication, and maturity to get your man out of erectile dysfunction. However, it is curable. 

I am his high school sweetheart; we were together in college and finally got married after being in a live-in relationship for 2 years. Fast forward to 1 year after our wedding, we were blessed with twins. But, unfortunately, at the same time, my husband lost his job as a result of the recession that hit America in 2009. Next two years were very hard for me. I had two young girls and a depressed husband to take care of. During this course of time, he lost all his sexual desires and fantasies.

 How I helped my husband to cure his Erectile Dysfunction?

We got time to think about it when the girls started going to preschool. He was unemployed, diabetic and was unable to perform in bed. We used to fight a lot because I often used to accuse him of losing his interest in me, drinking carelessly, and whatnot. Altogether, it was making him depressed and that was the time when I decided to work on his erectile dysfunction. He was so hopeless that he said, “You can never even imagine the shame and frustration I feel about my impotence.”

After continuous efforts by him and myself, he is doing perfectly OK with regards to his age and medical record now.  Since I’ve joined a full-time job now, he stays home to take care of girls and we are a happy family.

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Following are the tips I would like to give to all the ladies out there, who are having trouble with their partner’s erectile dysfunction.

1. Hold him emotionally- this is not the time to bash him for his condition. Rather, try to be supportive and talk him through it. Try to find the reason and work towards the solution. If he is a young guy, then there are fair possibilities that his erectile dysfunction is only psychological and needs no medical treatment. Ask him if he has any guilts or had a bad childhood. Believe me, at this time he needs you the most.

2. Take him to a doctor- Men are not at all comfortable to talk about erectile dysfunction; hence it is normal if he doesn't want to see a doctor regarding the same. But as his partner, you have to convince him to do so as long-term erectile dysfunction can never be cured. Psychosexual therapy will help him to overcome his weakness mentally. Give him time to prep himself up for the session, and go with him.

3. Encourage him to live healthy- erectile dysfunction is more common with men who already have medical problems like diabetes, heart attacks, kidney failure, etc. so, it is high time you encourage him to opt for a healthy lifestyle like stop eating junk, have exercise, quit smoking, avoid alcohol, do meditation, etc. it may not completely reverse the problem, but will definitely help him to be a better version of himself. You can be his company during all this. It will make the bond stronger and you will also live healthy, along with the partner.

4. Spice things up- By spicing, I do not intend to make you seduce him to the hell as it may make him sad if he’s unable to match up with your hotness. Rather, remove the emphasis from the penis. You can try oral sex, or use a vibrator. Seeing you satisfied will help him to gain his confidence back.

5. Be patient with pills- drugs designed to get erection do work, but you have to understand they take time to get observed by his body. And take my advice, do foreplay after he takes pills because they work better if fused with a nice foreplay. Do not let him an overdose, as it can be very harmful to his body and mind.

These were some of the things, that worked for me. Hopefully, you will take something or the other from this article and share it with who needs to know about it.

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