How to handle psychological erectile dysfunction?


For the longest time, Erectile Dysfunction was considered only as a physical abnormality in men. Now the world has realized while erectile dysfunction may be predominantly a physical concern among males, in many men erectile dysfunction has psychological components as well. Psychology is often the influencing factor in males who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but face erection in the morning. Problems like stress, bitter relationships, depression, exhaustion, guilt, etc can lead healthy men to erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, some psychological techniques have been developed to help men deal with it so that they can handle erectile dysfunction in a positive manner and work on its treatment.

 How To Handle Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?


How to identify that your erectile dysfunction is just psychological?


If you are a man with no medical conditions that could lead to erectile dysfunction- the one who eats healthy, and exercise regularly but still encounter erectile dysfunction at the most inappropriate moments, then there is a fair possibility that you are suffering from psychological erectile dysfunction. secondly, if you get an erection while masturbating and during mornings, your impotence is more limited to your psychology only.


1. Talk to a therapist- Though, erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic and men are usually not comfortable in discussing it. But it is important to keep it in open and just talk how do you feel and what help do you need from the therapist. Get in contact with a therapist to find your way to contentment in sexual life. he /she may prove to be very useful for you while you are struggling to overcome erectile dysfunction psychologically. You will come to know about various therapies to make you feel better and progressive about 


2. Revamp your relationship- Please note that sexual intimacy is not the only intimacy you can have with your partner. This is a type of psychological treatment known as ‘sensate focus’ and is a part of psychosexual therapy. This involves a couple agreeing to take a break from their routine sex for a while. During this course of time, they are supposed not to indulge in sexual affection but put more focus on emotions. The objective of this exercise is to make the couple focus on positive things, other than sex. This gives the guy a break, and eventually, the couple feels the heat and make their way back to conventional sex. 


3.Identify and kill unrealistic thoughts- many men set unrealistic sexual challenges for themselves and lose their confidence if they fail to do so. You need to identify what can be done in real life, without stressing over it. Learn the difference between sex in porn movies and real-life sex. It is ok if you can't do it for the time they do in movies. Its high time you need to stop comparing your sex life with your friends. Instead, you should start working on your self-esteem, sexuality and personal relationship. Ask your partner to help you with it. Remember, talking about it will help you the most if you are suffering from psychological erectile dysfunction.


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4.Relax your mind and body-  You can definitely blame your modern lifestyle, bad childhood and unhealthy relationships for the stress you have in your life. Stress is the primary reason why approximately 20% of men feel psychological impotence till they reach the age of 40 years. Do not take your stress to the level you have absolutely no control of your mind and body. Try meditating every day, and convince yourself to get out of ‘negative self-talk’ and include ‘positive self-talk’ sessions a part of your morning routine. In addition to that, regularly perform deep and rhythmic breathing exercise to enhance your ability to control your thought process.


5.Guided Imagery-  It is a proven way to cure psychological impotence globally. According to research conducted in 1984, 70% of men treated with Guided Imagery were able to overcome their psychological impotence and testified that they could get their erection whenever they wanted to. This practice is very similar to guided meditation, in which the person is asked to close his eyes, relax and let go of his stress by visualization exercises. This exercise gives you the liberty to either reach a therapist for it, or do it at the comfort of your home.  


Hope this article helps you to overcome the symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunction. Share it with who need to know about psychological ED.


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