Importance And Role Of Yoga During Pregnancy


Feeling of becoming a parent can bring a mix of emotions such as happiness, anxiety, fear, and stress. During pregnancy, many women experience stress and discomfort. Pregnancy is that phase of life in which a woman embrace with optimism, joy, and commitment to maintaining good health. Yoga is among those health promoting activities that impact physically and psychologically well being.

Weight loss, glowing skin, peaceful mind, good health..whatever you want, yoga has it all. Yoga is a form which helps in attaining good health as it makes an amazing improvement in the health, appearance, and youthfulness. It has benefits for both mind and body. During pregnancy, yoga is one of the most popular exercises to promote health and wellness. It contributes to parental comfort and support for childbirth in several ways. There are many yoga postures that provide good gentle stretch to a person, as a result, helps in relieving the musculoskeletal discomfort of pregnancy and prepares the pelvic and lower extremity muscles for delivery of a child.  

 Importance And Role Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Also, yoga has many breathing and relaxation techniques that improve the respiratory capacity of an individual, as a result, it reduces the pregnancy related shortness of breath and enhances better breathing during labour.

Other benefits of Yoga

1. Stress relief - Doing yoga for sometime during a day can be a great way to get rid of the stress - in both the body and mind. Various yoga postures and meditation are effective techniques to release stress. During pregnancy, it is important for the mother to stay away from stress as various pregnancy complications like hypertension, low birth weight and preeclampsia are related to maternal stress.  

2. Improved immunity - Practicing yoga postures improve overall immunity in the human body. Stress is the primary reason for the weak immune system. Yoga gives a holistic upliftment to the body that brings down stress levels. During pregnancy, the immune system is the most important system that protects the mothers from different environmental factors and prevents any damage to the fetus.

3. Inner peace - Being pregnant is one of the crucial times in a woman’s life and maintaining inner peace is a tip that every pregnant woman receives. Yoga is one of the easiest way to increases the inner peace and understands that peace lies within us.

Yoga postures for pregnant women

During pregnancy, every woman experiences various changes in the body. You can't control those changes but you can alleviate the effects of some of them by practicing yoga on a daily basis. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep the body relaxed. Some of the best yoga postures for pregnant mothers are as follows:

1. Baddha Konasana

Baddha konasana is a yoga posture that provides multiple benefits. It is beneficial for the entire body as it stimulates the heart, relieve anxiety, depression and provides great stretch.


Directions to practice this yoga posture are as follows:

  • Sit on the mat and keep your legs stretched out.
  • Bend your knees and bring the palms of your feet together. Let your knees drop to the side.
  • Bring your knees close to the pelvis. Now, use your thumb and first finger to hold the big thumbs of your feet. Ensure that the outer edge of the feets are always pressed on the floor.
  • Take your feel closer to the pelvis and you will notice that the closer you take your knees to the pelvis, the higher your knees will tend to rise.
  • Practice this exercise gently.

2. Vajrasana

Vajrasana is an effective yoga posture for a pregnant woman as it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and improves digestion. To some extent, it prepares the mother for labour. Directions to practice this yoga posture are as follows:

  • Sit on the mat with your legs folded and feet under your hips. Your knees should be touching each other.
  • Sit straight and your right palm should be on the right knee and left palm on the left knee.
  • Set your gaze forward and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Inhale slowly and then exhale slowly using both nostrils.
  • Stay calm and feel the peace.
  • Continue the process for the next five minutes.

3. Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Anulom vilom pranayam is one of the best yoga exercises that has healing power and improves the symptoms of various health problems. Directions to practice this yoga posture are as follows:

  • Keep your eyes closed and sit in padmasana.
  • Using your right thumb, close your right nostril and inhale slowly using your left nostril.
  • Take a deep breath and inhale as much as you can.
  • Now, remove your thumb and breathe normally.
  • While exhaling, close your left nostril using your middle finger and inhale the oxygen using your right nostril.
  • Repeat the process of inhaling and exhaling for the next five minutes.

Yoga work wonders for everyone. For pregnant women, it is an effective way to get rid of the stress and other problems. It helps in reducing the discomfort that every woman go through during her pregnancy period. Also, taking precaution is immensely important. It is recommended to everyone to practice yoga postures under the guidance of an expert.





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