What you must know about kidney failure?

The overlooking of kidney health and related symptoms can negatively affect the overall well being. More intake of salt and fat in the food items leads to kidney damage. All over the world, many people are getting affected by kidney diseases. High blood pressure and diabetes also affect negatively on kidney health. Therefore, the overlooking of kidney health which helps in the removal of all the toxic substance from the body can lead to high-level damages into the body.

In comparison to male, females are more prone to kidney diseases. A roundabout of 14% female and 12% of males are affected by kidney diseases. In the world, 19.5 crore females are affected by kidney diseases and it is increasing on a daily basis. Every year 2 lakh people are getting affected by kidney diseases. the kidney diseases are not easy to detect in initial stages because kidney diseases reflects the negative symptoms only after 60% of kidney gets damaged. After this 60%, the patient starts realising the bad effects of Kidney failure. Kidney failure occurs due to an increase of creatinine levels in the blood.

 What you must know about kidney failure?

How important are Kidneys to the human body?

Kidneys are in the shape of beans, it is located on the left-hand and right-hand side and behind the stomach. Kidney contributes to maintaining the right amount of water level and the balance of water throughout the body and has played a great role in doing so. Additionally, sodium and potassium like minerals are also maintained by the kidney. These minerals are extracted out from the food we eat and is very important to maintain the overall health. But more of these minerals create a pressure on kidney which is not good for kidney health.

If this kind of pressure is continued for some more time then the functioning of kidney decreases day by day which causes health problems like high blood pressure. The kidney also regulates calcium and phosphate levels. These minerals and vitamins are important for bones strengthening and helps in overall body development. Failure may lead to increase of these vitamins which can generate new challenges inside the body. Kidneys also regulate urea and creatinine levels. Urea is obtained after protein gets digested through the kidney function. So, it can easily be concluded that the kidney helps our body in cleaning the blood and maintaining the water levels by detoxing all the toxic nutrients from the body.

After reaching this stage of kidney damage known as kidney chronic disease, then dialysis or transplant can only help for the recovery of Kidney failure. Therefore, kidney health should never be overlooked as it is one of the most important contributors in our body and its recovery is one of the costliest treatments but with zero chance of probability that it will work the same way for the overall health maintenance and development.

Kidney failure causes and symptoms

Normally, kidney failure causes are urinary tract infections, diabetes and high blood pressure. These situations of Kidney failure are because of the following causes. First, kidney failure causes is due to less intake of water throughout the day. Second kidney failure causes can be because of the high intake of salt and sugar in the food we eat. Fast food or processed foods can also lead to kidney failure and damage the organ functioning.

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Kidney failure causes include intake of painkillers in frequent amount. More intake of meat as a portion of food also leads to kidney failure. The Kidney failure caused by smoking and consumption of alcohol. Kidney failure causes include more intake of soda drinks. Kidney failure cause also includes sleep disorders like insomnia. No exercise also is a cause of kidney failure. Kidney failure symptoms: symptoms continue vomiting. Indigestion problems,  eating less food or no food at all basically improper consumption of food, tiredness and fatigue. Less amount of urination is also a strong Kidney failure symptoms can be connected to skin problems too. Insomnia can also be kidney failure symptoms. Kidney failure symptoms also include stiffness in muscles.

Kidney failure prevention

The first and foremost kidney failure prevention tip is to drink water in required amount throughout the day. Prevention of Kidney failure can be done by taking a balanced nutritional food. Do not add additional salt into the cooked food to get an extra taste. Instead of salt, put lemon or any herb as an additional taste. Daily exercise is recommended for kidney failure prevention. One of the daily Kidney failure prevention remedies is to have proper management of weight maintained. Kidney failure prevention is done by a regular blood test of blood pressure and diabetes on a timely basis. If one is already affected by blood pressure and diabetes then a regular six-month blood test and urine checkup should be done.

Kidney failure can also be prevented by using less amount of pain killers. It is advised not to have soda drinks and fast food to maintain kidney function. If all the about said kidney failure symptoms is foreseen then it is highly recommended to consult a Kidney specialist doctor to check the kidney functioning.

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