Everyone is pretty much aware of blood pressure as it plays a vital role in balancing the human life cycle. Also called hypertension, when the force with which the blood flows through your blood vessels is too high, then there might be a risk that the person is suffering from high blood pressure. In The United States of America, nearly half of the population is suffering from hypertension. The shocking fact is that most of them are not even aware of the fact that their level of blood pressure is extremely high.

Know amazing facts about your blood pressure

The increase in blood pressure could be the reason for strokes and heart attacks. It is fortunate that blood pressure can be treated and cured. For that, you must keep your blood pressure level in check. Since we already know that many of the people do not even know that they are suffering from hypertension, there might be others that would not have complete knowledge of this problem.

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Here are few amazing facts that you didn’t know about:

  • Regular Exercising can make you less prone to blood pressure: Not only for blood pressure but exercising is always beneficial for any kind of medical problems. It regulates and normalizes your blood pressure which helps in keeping it stable. However, it is also required to do some warm-up before exercising because sudden jumping or running may elevate your blood pressure at a greater rate. Sometimes, heavy weight lifting, pushing can also cause a spike in the blood pressure. Therefore, it is better to do light exercises at first and then gradually increasing them.
  • High blood pressure may be connected to dementia: It is a medical condition which includes memory loss and problem in thinking. Sometimes, having high blood pressure can also make you prone to dementia. Therefore, it is better to keep your blood pressure under control, so as to avoid any other major problems.
  • Many people who have high blood pressure but are unaware of it: There are about 11 million adults in The United States who are suffering from high blood pressure but do not even know about it. People having uncontrolled blood pressure often go to the health care experts but the problem still remains undiagnosed.
  • Alcohol plays a major role in increasing the risk of high blood pressure: Too much alcohol can increase the risk of high blood pressure. It increases the sympathetic nervous activities. It also affects the autonomic nervous system.
  • It kills you silently: A person does not get to know whether he has high blood pressure or not because hypertension has no specific symptoms with which it could be diagnosed.
  • If you consume too little salt, that is also not good for the health: The human body is composed of salt water. It maintains the balance of the body. It is a natural thing to be included in the diet to maintain the processes taking place in it. If too much salt is causing problems then too little salt is also harmful to the body. It is necessary for life to keep being in the equilibrium.

Few more things that are needed to be kept in mind:

  • Make sure to take the correct readings of the blood pressure.
  • Do not take white salt for the daily consumption. Instead, it is advisable to take Himalayan salts which are beneficial for the patients with hypertension.
  • Keep potassium rich food items in your daily diet. It regulates the blood pressure.