What type of intelligence you have?

Ever wonder why some people are considered to be more intelligent than others? Have you encountered someone who knows the answer to every single question your teacher asked? Well, this is because of the types of intelligence that exist.

There are various forms of intelligence. According to Gardner, most often people have all forms of intelligence but in different degrees. Every person has different personality traits and these traits are developed using different forms of intelligence.

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. According to the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe, intelligence is a term that usually refers to a general mental capability to reason, solve problems, think abstractly, learn and understand new material, and profit from past experiences. Intelligence depends on a different variety of mental processes such as memory, learning, perception, decision-making, thinking, and reasoning.

 What type of intelligence you have?

There are a number of different methods to measure intelligence and the most common method is an IQ test (Intelligence quotient test). IQ test mainly deals with the ability of an individual to solve logical and mathematical questions, oral problems, and the speed at which different types of data can be processed.

Forms of Intelligence

Intelligence is not something that an individual develops at birth, but it changes and grows through life. It can be improved. There are a total of nine forms of intelligence:

1. Naturalistic intelligence

People who are sensitive to the natural world are great examples of naturalistic intelligence. Naturalistic intelligence is defined as having a sensitivity to nature and all its details. People with naturalistic intelligence are connected to everything, living or non-living such as animals, plants, cloud formation, rock configurations, sand, water, start and much more. The characteristics of an individual with naturalistic intelligence can be categorized into left and right brain strengths.

Characteristics associated with the right side of the brain include:

  • Feeling best in the outdoors
  • Developing empathy with nature
  • Enjoying open-ended experience
  • Feeling love towards pet

Characteristics associated with the left side of the brain include:

  • Are usually organized
  • Understand statistics
  • Memorises Schematically

2. Musical intelligence

There are many people who are so much attached to the music, that it plays an important part in the lives. People who have musical intelligence have the ability to recognize tone, rhythm, and pitch in musical intelligence. These people are good at thinking in pattern and sounds. Musical abilities are usually associated with the right part of the brain. Most often, when the child has musical intelligence, it helps in building the inner strength and self-esteem in the child. Some other characteristic of people having musical intelligence include:

  • Listen to music actively
  • Recognize musical tones easily
  • Enjoys singing
  • Can communicate through music

3. Logical-mathematical intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence defines the ability of an individual to calculate and carry out almost all the mathematical operations. It governs the ability of an individual to solve problems, calculate and use computers. Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of many factors that are related to analytical, synthetic and integrated functioning of the mind. Some other characteristic of people having logical-mathematical intelligence include:

  • Ask questions
  • Good at solving complex questions
  • Questions about natural events
  • Is Organized
  • Like conducting experiments in a logical manner
  • Are good at research
  • Can easily calculate numbers in the head

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4. Existential intelligence

Existential intelligence is a form of intelligence that is more comprehensive and talks about the meaning of life. People with existence intelligence are involved in deep thoughts and these thoughts include the list of questions and thoughts that are associated with why’s and how’s of life and death. These people are very much involved in knowing about what lies beyond life and death.

5. Interpersonal intelligence

People having interpersonal intelligence have the ability to understand the feelings and thoughts of the people around them and these people can respond greatly to their thoughts. These people are good at understanding others and gauging their emotions. They understand their emotions and can respond to them in an effective way. Some other characteristic features of people having interpersonal intelligence include:

  • They have strong leadership qualities
  • They have good communication skills
  • They are influential
  • They receive admiration from others
  • They are often cooperative
  • They demonstrate empathy toward others
  • Have strong social sensitivity

6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence involves specific physical skills such as coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and speed. Usually, people with bodily-kinesthetic intelligence have a perfect sense of timing and the coordination of mind and body is without any fault. This type of intelligence has a lot to do with movement and people having this intelligent often prefer activities that utilize movement. They believe in learning physical activities, rather than just hearing or reading about it. Some other characteristic features of people having bodily - kinesthetic intelligence include:

  • Enjoy playing sports
  • Have a lot of physical energy
  • Are well-coordinated
  • Have good motor skills
  • Like practical work

7. Linguistic intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is associated with language and communication. Linguistic intelligence has a lot to do with words spoken or written. People with this type of intelligence are involved in reading, writing, memorizing, and they have high sensitivity to all aspects of language. These people often learn a foreign language and have a great memory. They have the ability to recall things easily. Some other characteristic features of people having linguistic intelligence include:

  • Often speaks on what they have read
  • Are good at memorizing
  • Often influence people with words
  • Have a good knowledge of different uses of language
  • Are good at telling stories

8. Intrapersonal Intelligence

People with intrapersonal intelligence look inward and figure out their feelings. These people They are aware of their personal goals and inner motivation. Intrapersonal intelligence is often associated with a high level of perfectionism. People with intrapersonal intelligence often have an affinity for subjects that help them understand themselves in a better way and life more deeply such as philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Some other characteristic features of intrapersonal intelligence include:

  • Know and accept how they feel
  • Are imaginative
  • Motivate themselves
  • Are philosophical
  • Can work well alone
  • Are intuitive

9. Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence manifests in a variety of ways. This type of intelligence involves dynamic imagination, image manipulation, mental imagery, graphics skills, and spatial reasoning. It allows people to create mental images and perceive images outside themselves. Spatial intelligence is often found in people with a career in architect, directors, engineers, etc.. It is believed that in the childhood, children having spatial intelligence are often found to be involved in solving puzzles or mazes and they might also have artistic and graphic design skills.

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